Parents' blockade at the “Quartier Zukunft” of the Deutsche Bank in Berlin

On the occasion of today's onlineAnnual General Meeting for Block Deutsche Bank currently Parents with a support team that “Quarter of the Future” on Friedrichstrasse. To support their concern, 5 mothers taped themselves to the entrance doors of the location. Under the motto “Parents demand: Stop the fossil fuel madness!” They protest against the bank's fossil investments, which contradict the sustainability representation of the “Quartier Zukunft”.

Parents demand “Stop the fossil fuel madness!”

According to the Fossil Fuels Finance Report (2022), Deutsche Bank is the bank in Germany that invests the most financial capital in the coal, oil and gas industry. Since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, Deutsche Bank has lent around €81 billion to companies active in the fossil fuel sector.

With its parental civil disobedience campaign, the group wants to draw critical attention to the invisible but very climate-impacting financial sector. They appeal to the public's idea of ​​justice regarding the life rights of young people and demand that Deutsche Bank immediately stop all investments in fossil fuel infrastructure.

Marit Schatzmann, mother of a small son, states: “A lot of suffering happens in our world, not least because those who advocate sustainability and the common good are often too timid, while the defenders of fossil profit interests simply assert themselves. We have tried everything over the years and have exhausted all legal means and avenues to the limit. It is time to forcefully represent the demand for consistent decarbonization and the escalating climate crisis - with responsibility for our children."

Sofia Rodriguez, mother of a small daughter, adds: “Deutsche Bank is using billions to artificially keep the fossil fuel economy alive. The greenwashing being celebrated here in parallel here in the so-called Future Quarter is cynical and dangerous because it makes people believe that someone cares - while UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres describes the last world climate report as a 'red alert for humanity'."

Photo: Silke Mayer

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