We stand for democracy.

Resolving a crisis takes time and dialogue. With each other and not against each other.

This website is NOT an official police website.
In the last generation police network, people with different professional backgrounds - including in the police sector - are committed to a dialogue between last generation supporters and police officers.

Together on the street

Many of you are currently spending a lot of time trying to get us off the streets.
Our protest is not directed against individuals, not against people in traffic, playing golf, in luxury hotels or at the police. Yes, our protest is annoying and disruptive, because it has to so that it can't be ignored. We're sorry for being annoying. We don't like doing that.

We are strict peaceful, non-violent and respectful when dealing with other people and stand behind what we do with name and face. Our communication is always non-violent. We don't lie. If we say we're going to take to the streets again today, then we'll do that. When we say we will no longer take to the streets today, we are keeping our word. This is part of ours Protest consensus, which is mandatory for everyone who joins us.

In each of our roadblocks there are people who are NOT glued and can get up at any time to emergency vehicles to let through. The people in the blockade know who these people are and are willing to tell the police.

We don't want to make your job any harder than it already is.
You can find everything else here to our values ​​and our protest consensus.

50 police officers write to Chancellor Olaf Scholz

The climate crisis is not a question of political orientations or opinions. We as a whole society MUST act NOW!

Some of your colleagues have contacted Olaf Scholz. We handed your letter to the Federal Chancellery on September 20th (Berliner Zeitung reports).

Some of the signatories would have liked to hand over the letter personally. But many still prefer to remain anonymous.
Four supporters of the last generation read out their statements in front of the Chancellery.

“I'm not here today. But – I raise my voice. And she counts. NOW is the time when we must stand up together for our freedom, our democracy, our livelihoods.”

statement 1
statement 2
statement 3
statement 4

“I am not nearly afraid enough to ignore my sense of justice, remain silent, or abandon my support for the Last Generation."

The names of the signatories will NOT be published in detail!

do you still want to sign? - then write to us

If you have any questions or would like to exchange information, we are available for you. Some departments and training centers have already invited us to a personal exchange - you can also submit such inquiries here:

The last generation of police networks

We EVERYONE is the last generation: We police officers who are privately involved in the police networking of the last generation. We do this on the basis of our fundamental rights and in accordance with the free, democratic basic order.

We open up dialogue spaces, build bridges and advocate for the preservation and further development of our democracy and the general welfare.

Excerpt from past and planned events (since March 2023):

  • Various dialogue formats with police colleges – e.g. B. in Münster with this response:

    “The dialogue event between representatives of the last generation and master’s students from the German University of Police as part of an elective event was characterized by mutual exchange. Although the LG supporters spoke explicitly as private individuals, it was appreciated that some of them were police officers. A high level of democratic understanding on both sides ensured a pleasant atmosphere and valuable and differentiated discussions about police tasks and duties on the one hand and the importance of freedom of expression and assembly for democracies on the other.”

  • Lecture followed by discussion PoliceGreen (Online)
  • Various event-related discussions with representatives of the state and federal police and trade unions WORLD Police Berlin, Press release GdP Berlin, intranet contribution from BPOLD Berlin
  • Workshop discussion, panel discussion HWR Berlin with representatives from the fields of climate science, police and LG (hybrid)

come to the Last Generation Police Dialogue

Do you find it difficult to deal with our protest in your role as a police officer in an operation? Are you worried about the future? Can you identify with our concerns and our values? Would you like to exchange ideas with us in a safe space?

Are you wondering where the limits of the rule of moderation and duty of neutrality lie for you as a police officer? Would you like to exchange ideas with people from the last generation and other police officers about what opinions you are allowed to express and what values ​​you are “allowed” to represent?

Would you like to think together about how police officers – who are well versed in law and order – can contribute to bringing balance to our legal system?

Would you like to become part of the last generation police network and do you have a few questions for us?

Would you like to remain anonymous for now? Feel free to get in touch via [email protected] and we'll find a way.


We engage in peaceful, civil resistance FOR the rule of law and democracy. We believe in the basic democratic order, which is why we call on the federal government to act. 

The more we feel the effects of the climate catastrophe, the more likely it is that our democracy will be undermined. That is why we as a society must now negotiate how we can achieve a peaceful transformation.

At the latest, when there is a permanent water shortage in Germany, the crops are destroyed again and we have to fight for food, civilization as we know it will cease to exist. We don't want to accept that! We want to come together now and tackle the growing problems together.

One thing is clear! For us, neutrality is the worst choice when it comes to important social changes. Now it is up to all of us to ask ourselves: what is and what should be? What options do I have? What responsibility do I have?

Do we want to continue to silently accept the government's destruction of all of our livelihoods or do we stand up against it peacefully? Are we resisting destruction? Are we committed to democracy and our constitution?

To finally get to the point, we quote the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang:

The "last generation" is basically saying: "Hey, government, you've been sleeping for so long, you finally have to do something," he said. "Well, there's really no other way to express how much you actually respect this system when you ask the officials to act."

The social role of the police

  • The police respect them human dignity, she protects the existence of the rule of law and its functionality as well as the Basic rights of the individual.
  • The executive branch is probably that most important pillar of state legitimacy. You can see the state of the police Quality of democracy detect.
  • The ability to criticize, deal with conflict and reflect creates acceptance. Precisely because the police do that Monopoly on the exercise of violence holds, their role and their actions must be discussed in particular - by those in whose name the violence is exercised: the democratic sovereign, the citizens.
  • Violent extremism is increasingly encouraged by government inaction as people fear for their lives will fight for food and water in the future must.
  • If the climate catastrophe is fueled further, there will be ever greater social divisions, even a collapse and an erosion of democracy. History shows that this is with a massive deterioration in working conditionsto Instrumentalization and will pose a high risk for police officers.
  • When anger grows against an overwhelmed government, the... Police often vicariously accused and attacked.

Why do we choose peaceful civil resistance?

For many decades there have been demonstrations, petitions and scientists who have issued emphatic warnings. Nevertheless, global greenhouse gas emissions have doubled in the last 40 years instead of being controlled to the necessary net 0 or net negative levels. With Fridays For Future, 1,4 million people took to the streets, in Germany alone. Even this has not influenced climate policy nearly enough to protect all of our livelihoods.

Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge that all previous means have been exhausted without success. Convincing every single one of us to do one more demo and one more petition will not be enough in the extremely short amount of time we have left to take the necessary measures to prevent climate collapse.

Resistance is the method of choice when there is a major moral crisis and all other peaceful means have already been exhausted. People are rebelling against an injustice that they can no longer tolerate. People in India gained their independence through this (Salt Marsh), women their right to vote (Suffragettes) and blacks in the USA more civil rights (Freedom Riders).

These forms of protest were usually the continuation of protests that had lasted for decades or sometimes centuries. Peaceful civil resistance finally achieved the rapid and effective transformation that was so desperately needed.

Dora Thewlis (suffragette) 1907

Why all this? - Climate catastrophe

The consequences of the climate catastrophe are so numerous and serious that it is difficult to briefly summarize them here. But one thing is clear: science agrees that if we don't act decisively now, civilization will collapse.

Feel free to watch this 3 minute video first. You can find detailed and basic information here.

You can find detailed and basic information here.

Because one thing is clear:

Write to us

If you have any questions or would like to exchange information, you can reach us at. Some departments and training centers have already invited us to a personal exchange - you can also submit such inquiries here: