In order to preserve one last small chance to prevent the climate system from reaching tipping points and thus billions of human suffering, we are doing everything with our protests that is non-violent and, in our opinion, has a chance of success. In doing so, we repeatedly come into conflict with the police, public prosecutors and the state, but also companies and private individuals.

No person who takes part in protests with us should remain alone. This is ensured by active and long-term organized legal aid structures - our legal team in collaboration with the association Support for an active civil society (short: RAZ) eV. At the beginning of 2024, the legal team took the obvious step of founding this independent association. Individual structures, such as the investigative committee, are still located in the legal team.

Regardless of individual movements, RAZ supports peaceful resistance and the preservation of basic and human rights - strategically and individually.
In this way, RAZ can provide stability and resources to people who were protesting with the “Last Generation” for many years to come.
RAZ is currently overseeing the large number of Last Generation and Scientist Rebellion cases in civil, criminal and administrative law.

You can find out more about RAZ on the club’s website:

You will also find the most important information there RAZ Wiki.

The RAZ Wiki contains information for people who want to prepare for their first action, assistance with memory protocols, an overview of possible consequences of civilly disobedient actions, tips for overviews of procedures, but also a lot of other information on all forms of repression to materials for preparing legal proceedings. So be sure to stop by!

If you have any questions or concerns, but at the latest if you receive specific mail from the public prosecutor's office, police or court, RAZ can be reached via email: [email protected] [PGP].
Then you will receive all the information and support (in emotional, psychological and legal terms) that you want and need!

Come to the offers from RAZ:
There are basic legal inputs, question times with lawyers, process training, prison training and workshops and much more.

Also join the RAZ information channel on Telegram: 

As soon as you have actually received a penalty order or an indictment by post, please send it directly to [email protected] [PGP]. The RAZ eV team will then contact you directly. Together they will take the next steps with you and you will receive all the information and support (in legal and emotional-psychological terms) you need!

The Legal Wiki is intended to create a space in which we share valuable knowledge and experiencesIn order not to simply be at the mercy of repression, but to be able to actively counteract it and use it to our advantage. We accept the consequences of our actions and many things are subject to uncertainty. But here on the Wiki we can create some security for ourselves by discussing legal issues and our options for dealing with all sorts of situations.

Do you have questions about the yellow letter floating around in your head, or would you like to understand how exactly a criminal trial works? All of this and much more should be possible here.

This wiki is intended to provide resources and answers for anyone who has gone, is going, or will go into action with the Last Generation. As soon as you actually receive a penalty order or an indictment in the mail, please send it directly to [email protected] and we will contact you directly. Then we can take the next steps together and you will receive all the information and support (in emotional and legal terms) that you like 🙂

I also really enjoy joining ours Legal information channel on Telegram to get the latest information:

You can find current information on the topic of “legal” here in the wiki:

You're not alone!

The system that sends us hurtling towards the abyss is trying to preserve itself and suppress our protest. The repression that comes our way can be harsh and very stressful.

If you need help: reach out Support for an active civil society: [email protected] [PGP].

We will help you with legal questions, applications for reimbursement of costs and can also refer you to psychological support.

RAZ eV will be happy to answer all your questions. In cases in which defense by a lawyer is necessary or helpful, we will be happy to refer you to solidarity-based lawyers of the last generation.


With this key you can communicate encrypted with RAZ eV.

You were on the street with the Last Generation and received mail from the police or a court?

Send us a scan as a PDF [email protected] [PGP] and ask us any questions you have about it.

Do you have contacts with solidarity lawyers who would like to work with the climate justice movement?

We would be happy if you put us in touch with lawyers and we can connect them with the RAZ!

Would you like to support the RAZ team?

Register at [email protected] [PGP] with us! Every support is welcome!

Financial support for repression costs


If you receive a notice of costs, a fine or a penalty order/indictment, send it as quickly as possible [email protected] [PGP] . (In the vast majority of cases it makes sense to file an objection. But this is often only possible within a very short period of time! → 2-4 weeks)


If legal proceedings arise (e.g. because you have lodged an objection against a decision or a penalty order), court costs will apply. In some cases it also makes sense to have a lawyer represent you (the legal team can provide contacts). The legal costs that arise here (court costs and legal fees) can in most cases be borne by the environmental trust fund. → Submit applications under  (We can also support you with this)


If there is a conviction or a costs order/fine order has become legally binding (because you have not lodged an objection), you must pay the respective fine or fine. (Unless you follow the strategy of paying nothing at all and actively challenging prison and bankruptcy) These costs can be financed in solidarity through fundraising campaigns. (Central and personal donation campaigns) → You can also find information about donation campaigns at [email protected] ask.

Unfortunately, we can never guarantee that you will not incur any costs or other consequences. In the end you decide to accept the consequences for civil disobedience. But we want to be there for you and for each other and develop strategies together, continue the action in the courts and also share costs and cover as best we can.


Legal training and materials

It is also important that you go out on the road and into action well prepared! Civil disobedience is the necessary means to wake up the state and society to secure our future, but we will be criminalized for it.

So be sure to inform yourself in the basic legal training so that you not only know what the consequences are of not acting now, but also of taking action now.

Further information & overview in the wiki