The elephant in the room

We don't have time to explain protests - we want to talk about content!

That's why we're doing protests that speak for themselves - we're going to go to the places where destruction and injustice are obvious. We show what we all often don't want to admit, but have actually long understood - things cannot continue as before.

The climate catastrophe threatens all of our livelihoods, our coexistence and, more specifically, millions of human lives - and we continue to fuel it.

Important debates that now need to be held among the population are being hushed up. The catastrophe, the suffering that already exists today and is increasing every day, the decisions we have to make - they are the elephant in the room that we push out of our everyday lives and prefer to ignore - until it is too late. 

It's time we addressed the elephant in the room!

After all, it's about all of us and everything - about justice, humanity, democracy - about our survival. 

When you think of places fueling climate catastrophe, what do you think of?

That's where we'll be! So that injustice and destruction become unignorable, so that we can finally call them by their name. 

Stop looking away, just look. 

Whether it's oil, gas and coal, luxury and excess of the super-rich, corporations that put profits above human rights... the elephant in the room should be given a face!

more to come...


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