Glueing Activists

Origin of the word climate adhesive

The term Glueing Activists is made up of climate, short for climate crisis or climate change, and glue, colloquially for glue. This refers to a group that has appeared since the beginning of 2021 by sticking their palms to streets in Berlin, but also in other places, thus interrupting traffic for a long time. 

The group calls itself “Last Generation” and says that it organizes “peaceful protest” or “civil resistance” against the federal government’s destruction of livelihoods and the enrichment of the atmosphere with harmful gases. In their opinion, existing policies risk ending human life on Earth as it is currently organized. This results in billions of suffering and deaths. They say that we humans living now are the last generation that can change this course.

The term climate glue caught on because the act of sticking it on the street was generally more impressive than the abstract idea that humanity's livelihood could come to an end.


Like other climate groups, notably Fridays for Future, the climate activists have noticed an exaggerated tendency to rely on “science”. They use public appearances to emphasize that physical circumstances cannot be negotiated.

Also striking – the climate stickers assume that behavior can be judged as “right” or “wrong” according to “universal ethical principles”. For example, continuing a way of life that drives other states to destruction is wrong.

Adhesive types

The climate glue's favorite superglue is the 8 gram superglue from Woolworth AG, as it is sold in a bottle instead of a tube and can be screwed on and spread very quickly on the palm of your hand. The authorities have already responded at times with one Recall of this glue from the shops. 

Secret but true: Cyanoacrylate is the most commonly used adhesive in the last generation. They claim that you simply apply cyanoacrylate, hold it in place and you're done: thanks to the moisture, the hand-road connection will harden in seconds. But don't let this seemingly harmless application fool you, because there are complex ones for climate protests Protest training.


Super glue

The aim of supergluing is to significantly extend the duration of gluing beyond the “normal”. For super glue, several types of superglue are mixed and then mixed with a so-called silicate filler, normally used for filling joints, for example.

Concrete hand

With the concrete hand, when gluing the hand to the road, superglue and sand are mixed until the hand is covered by a layer of concrete and the climate adhesive becomes one with the road. 

Are you also scared shitless of losing everything if the climate continues to destabilize? We have a plan of civil resistance that requires great sacrifice, but has a chance of working.
Listen to him! 

Well-known climate adhesives

Frank Elstner (TV legend)

Am 26.04.2023 said Elstner in the talk show Maischberger said that he understood the climate adhesives and would have been happy if he had been there earlier.

Konstantin Kuhle, deputy chairman of the FDP in the Bundestag

There are speculations that Konstantin Kuhle has already stuck himself on the street; on television he answered the question “What would you stick yourself on the street for?” with “For basic rights.”


  • At the first road blockade Glueing Activists No glue was used on February 24.02.2022th, XNUMX in Berlin.
  • Separate Glueing Activists Use the sole of your foot instead of your palm to attach to the road. 
  • In October 2021, he was stuck as part of the resistance campaign Insulate Britain a climate activist in London with his face on the road firmly. In retrospect he judged this to be “not such a good idea”. 
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