Allowing climate catastrophe = breach of the constitution

We protest. We resist. We direct our demands directly to the federal government. Because the federal government has a responsibility to protect our freedom and our livelihoods. This responsibility was given to her by our constitution, the Basic Law. Every federal government in Germany, regardless of whether it is black, red or green, or whichever party is in power, is obliged to comply with this constitution. No one in this country can escape this responsibility.

Representatives of the federal government often tell us that we should help them organize majorities for climate protection. The federal government does not need a majority to adhere to the constitution. Your job is to act in accordance with the constitution. Whether climate protection is being done or not is not up for debate. This is enshrined in our constitution.

Through findings from climate physics, it can be objectively determined that our current federal government is not fulfilling this responsibility. Their actions, plans and goals will inevitably lead to the irretrievable destruction of our livelihoods. The result is that our civilization as we know it now will be destroyed and we will no longer have enough to eat and drink. Not only are we all getting poorer, violence, terror and wars are also increasing. Ultimately, it's about the risk that the earth could become uninhabitable for us and humanity could become extinct.

This is the background against which our protest is taking place. The federal government's actions represent a breach of our constitution that we cannot accept. We will not stop resisting this course. We consider this to be our inalienable right. Our right to work to protect our constitution and preserve our free democratic society.

Through reason and humility, we can understand how we all ended up in this situation.

That's why we don't want to defeat the people in the federal government, neither through words nor through deeds. We want to give them a hand so that they can now fulfill their responsibilities under the constitution.