The government is ignoring all warnings. It is still fueling the climate crisis and has brought us to the edge of an abyss.

We are no longer prepared to accept this crime against humanity without resistance. We will not wait while one state after another collapses. In the end we are all in danger. We are this society's will to survive.

Before the 2021 federal election, a hunger strike shook the country and ensured that one of the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz's first appointments was to talk to us about the climate catastrophe. Since the Chancellor showed no awareness of the existential threat to society posed by the climate emergency, people under the name of the Last Generation began blocking Germany's busiest highway at the beginning of 2022.

Since then, we have been returning to Berlin again and again and blocking the A100 and other major roads there. We don't like doing that. But we see this civil resistance as our best chance to bring about the necessary reversal on our destructive course.

For weeks, people also turned off oil pipelines over and over again. Road blockades in Frankfurt am Main, the heart of the fossil fuel madness to fund the destruction of our future with billions, landed dozens in police custody for up to a week. In Munich, people were repeatedly taken into custody for long periods of time to prevent them from protesting, sometimes for up to 30 days at a time.

We are the last generation that can stop the collapse of our society. Facing this reality, we fearlessly accept high fees, criminal charges and imprisonment.

The last generation receives a large part of the funds for recruitment, training and further education from the Climate Emergency Fund. Since April 2022 she has been part of an international network of civil resistance projects. It's called that A22 Network.

New address:

The website was blocked on May 24.05.2023, XNUMX by the LKA Bavaria police authority based on the investigation into “forming a criminal organization”. At the same time, several donation accounts were confiscated and house searches took place nationwide.

The state's actions are intended to intimidate and cause fear. But we cannot and will not allow ourselves to remain in this fear. The federal government is leading us into climate hell and continues to press the accelerator. We are therefore expanding the protest across the country and inviting everyone to take part in a protest march near them on Wednesday.

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