Komm dazu, schlieĂź dich an!
Weg von fossil - hin zu gerecht!

Samstag, 13:30 Uhr: Protestmarsch
Startpunkt: Neptunbrunnen (Alexanderplatz)

Komm dazu, schlieĂź dich an!
Weg von fossil – hin zu gerecht!

Samstag, 13:30 Uhr: Protestmarsch – Startpunkt: Neptunbrunnen (Alexanderplatz)

Seit mehreren Tagen in Berlin!


Komm zum Online-Vortrag

A presentation about the climate catastrophe, the denial of reality and the chance to take responsibility at this unique point in human history.  The first step to become active! - Every Thursday & Sunday on Zoom.

Vorträge in Präsenz in deiner Stadt findest du weiter unten auf dieser Seite inkl. Karte.

Let's be clear!

New address:

The website was blocked on 24.05.23 by the police authority LKA Bavaria on the basis of the preliminary investigation for "formation of a criminal organization". At the same time, several donation accounts were seized and house searches took place nationwide.


The state's actions are meant to intimidate, to frighten. But we cannot and will not allow ourselves to remain in this fear. The federal government is leading us into climate hell and continues to press on the gas pedal. We are therefore expanding the protest to the whole country and invite all people to join a protest march near them on Wednesday.

We are the last Generation.

We come together and offer resolute non-violent resistance to the fossil-fuel madness happening in our present. We are society's will to survive!

We still have two to three years in which we can divert from the path of the fossil-fuel led annihilation.

What are you willing to do in the next two to three years - what is your responsibility? Listen to our presentation   – online or offline – and decide!


Find your place in the Last Generation at this unique moment in human history. We are all part of the last generation who still has the chance to stop the complete ecological collapse of Earth, regardless of whether we want it or not.

We are facing a climate emergency and need fundamental change!


In-person presentations (in German)

01.10.202314:00BerlinKiezladen Zusammenhalt, DunckerstraĂźe 14Facebook event (external link)
01.10.202319:00DresdenStadtteilhaus Ă„uĂźere Neustadt, PrieĂźnitzstraĂźe 18, 01099 DresdenFritziFacebook event (external link)
03.10.202317:00WĂĽrzburgKellerperle, Am Studentenhaus 1, 97072 WĂĽrzburgElias, LenaFacebook event (external link)
03.10.202319:00KoblenzKHG Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Löhrrondell 1aBernhardFacebook event (external link)
04.10.202319:00UlmTreffpunkt vor der StadtbibliothekChristian
04.10.202318:00HalleEvangelische Studierendengemeinde, PuschkinstraĂźe 27, 06108 HalleBerndFacebook event (external link)
04.10.202318:00BerlinHaus der Nachbarschafft, StraĂźe am Schoelerpark 37, 10715 BerlinChristophFacebook event (external link)
04.10.202319:00DresdenRösslstube, Friedrichstraße 37, 01067 DresdenJürgenFacebook event (external link)
05.10.202319:00BerlinRegenbogenfabrik, LausitzerstraĂźe 21a, 10999 BerlinUlrichFacebook event (external link)
05.10.202319:00LeipzigRaum der Zeit, HedwigstraĂźe 11, 04315 LeipzigJensFacebook event (external link)
06.10.202319:00CelleHannoversche Str. 30B, 29221 Celle / Halle 13
08.10.202316:30KorbachGemeindehaus neben der KilianskircheUlrike
08.10.202319:30BerlinFincan, Altenbracker StraĂźe 26, 12051 BerlinChristophFacebook event (external link)
10.10.202319:00KrefeldBioladen Bettinger, Friedrich-Ebert- StraĂźe 240, Krefeld
11.10.202319:00DresdenStadtteilhaus Ă„uĂźere Neustadt, PrieĂźnitzstraĂźe 18, 01099 DresdenLaraFacebook event (external link)
12.10.202318:30KielAlte Mu, Lorentzendamm 6-8, 24103 KielSabineFacebook event (external link)
14.10.202318:00BerlinHU zu Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, Raum 1066e
16.10.202319:00DresdenBrauerei Schwingenheuer (Seminarraum), Schönbrunnstraße 1, 01097 Dresden
17.10.202318:00BerlinHaus der Nachbarschafft, StraĂźe am Schoelerpark 37, 10715 BerlinChristoph
17.10.202319:00WerderKlimawerkstatt im Uferwerk, Luisenstr. 16, 14542 Werder (Havel)Richi
18.10.202318:00BerlinBaiz, Schönhauser Allee 26A
19.10.202319:00UlmTreffpunkt vor der Stadtbibliothek
19.10.202318:00BerlinOskar Freiwilligenagentur, Weitlingstr. 89, 10317 BerlinUlrich
19.10.202318:00LĂĽbeckWerkhof, KanalstraĂźe 70, 23552 LĂĽbeckHendrikFacebook event (external link)
19.10.202318:30KölnKKT. Kölner Künstler:innen Theater, Grüner Weg 5, 50825 KölnJohannes
22.10.202319:30BerlinFincan, Altenbracker StraĂźe 26, 12051 BerlinChristoph
23.10.202318:30BerlinHaus am Mierendorffplatz, Mierendorffplatz 19, 10589 Berlintbd
26.10.202318:00BerlinHU zu Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, Raum 1066e
26.10.202318:00DarmstadtAGORA, Erbacher Str. 89,Michael
01.11.202319:00UlmTreffpunkt vor der Stadtbibliothek
17.10.202317:00WeimarDer Laden e.V., Trierer StraĂźe 5
25.10.202319:00GothaAugustinerkloster, JĂĽdenstraĂźe 7
9.10.202319:00BayreuthPlektrum, Moritzhöfen 29
24.10.202318:00BayreuthZentrum, Ă„uĂźere BadstraĂźe 7a

We invite you to stop for a moment and think about what exactly these people mean, how bad the situation must be when such established voices say such things.


Are you convinced that everything has to change? Have you had enough of the ignorance and inertia of those in power? We are ready to give everything. With your donation you can help us to do this.


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