Our values

These values form the basis for all our actions as a group. We fully embrace them before we decide to become a part of the group. We regularly go through them and are mindful of them in any situation.


NONVIOLENCE – We are entirely nonviolent in actions and speech. We act calmly and respectfully but remain determined and steadfast. We avoid finger pointing and insults and do not make anyone look foolish. We also view decision-makers within the system as people. We oppose their inappropriate behavior. We accept the consequences of our actions and stand by them with our faces and names. We tell the truth.


A SHARED VISION AND DETERMINATION - Our focus is on reaching the goal. We want to create sustainable change by stepping in to civil resistance and taking the legal consequences up to mass imprisonment of resistors for weeks to months. Together we'll create the disturbances necessary to change the laws that currently define power relations.


REGENERATIVE CULTUREWe do not have any expectations of what each must achieve but we trust, understand and support everyone to work as much as they can and want to. We build solidarity, trust and security and create a space for sharing emotions. We address conflicts openly as soon as we sense them and make sure that there is a space where everyone is seen and heard (if necessary through mediation). We strive to have conflict resolutions where everyone can contribute. If we decide we do not want to follow the strategy anymore, we voluntarily resign from our mandates. Conflicts will not be taken elsewhere but will first be discussed internally. We live the change.


QUESTIONING & REFLECTING - We question our system, ourselves, our privileges, power structures, responsibilities and protests and are in a constant process of learning and development. We regularly engage with our theory of change (e.g. in the form of talks, videos, discussions or similar). This gives us confidence and helps us to better understand and present the protests. We acknowledge the global connections and the linkage of the climate crisis with colonialism, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, classism and Ableism and also give them space in public. We live in a culture of learning. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME – We acknowledge that we are all different and that everyone can contribute their individual share. We value this diversity highly. We appreciate any form and intensity of peoples contributions, especially care and support work.


TRANSPARENT STRUCTURES – We create transparency with regards to the way decisions are made and knowledge is shared. We have a functional hierarchy, in which the core group makes sure our plan is put into action and is in charge of fundamental decisions (e.g. dates, times etc.) – always upon consultation with the working groups. We monitor and disclose any hidden hierarchies (e.g. male dominance in discussions). We openly express our own limits (e.g. if we cannot fulfill our tasks anymore).



Also during a protest we behave according to our values.


We are 100% nonviolent – both in our actions as well as in the way we speak (no insults either). This applies to all points of contact within our group as well as with the public, the police and all other members of the public.


We take care not to endanger moving traffic with our protest, but only enter the roadway when it is safe for us and motorists to do so.


We always make way for ambulances. We always make sure we are able to make way for an emergency lane (especially important if people glue themselves to the street).


We do not conduct protests under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. We also do not bring alcohol or drugs with us.


We create an atmosphere in which different people with individual needs feel comfortable. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination in speech or behavior.


No person should feel forced to enter the protest. It is possible to drop out at any time. We then communicate this clearly with our group.


We look out for each other. We are aware of illnesses and fears within our attachment group and know each other’s wishes. We act considerately.


We are ready to take all consequences imposed upon us by the state. This frees us from the possibility of being intimidated by state repression and having our determination broken by it.


We know that we are in the public eye and that our words can be used against us in the press and by the public. That is why we are careful about what we say and how we behave.



We film and photograph our protests and publish these recordings. We stand by what we do with our face and our name.


We remain seated at our protest site and do not leave voluntarily when asked to do so (by police or others). If we feel personally uncomfortable with this, we can of course make a different decision for ourselves and voluntarily get up and go.


Rules of hygiene: We follow the current local corona regulations. Further rules will be specified and agreed upon within the action group so that everyone feels comfortable.


It is not a part of our strategy to get physical with other people, even if they are violent towards us. Our focus is not to escalate conflicts between individuals and the police. Everyone can decide for themselves individually how they want to proceed legally with violence they may experience and also have access to legal support.