Whaaaat? Last generation in parliament?

Yes, you heard right: resistance is sweeping through the country, the Last Generation is shaking up the EU Parliament elections. The goal: bring the resistance into parliament.

For two years we occupied the place in society that no one wanted - the messenger of bad news. The messenger of the new world that we will create, that we must create, otherwise we will lack the ground on which we stand and the air to breathe.
It is time to fill this space in parliaments. It is time to bring the resistance to parliament.

Because what is missing is great honesty: that things have been massively screwed up to this point, that no one has a plan to get us out of this, that everything has to change if we want to survive as humanity and a democracy, and that we can do it better as humanity.
The party system is failing in the current multiple crises and is unable to save us as long as power interests and lobbies take precedence over humanity and reason.

We don't mince words, we don't lie with fake truths, dream technologies and false promises. We say what needs to be said and we do it in a way that no one can ignore it - loudly, honestly and with our hand on our hearts. Our conscience assigns us this place and we have nothing to lose. Because if we don't try everything peacefully possible, we will all be losers in human history. We have taken our resistance to the streets, into everyday life and into courtrooms - now we are taking it to the European Parliament!

Personally, we never look for personal power. We want to be the voice of a movement that is not ready to give up, that makes it clear: Something has to change fundamentally, that shakes up the places in society together.

The foundation for that has been laid. People of the last generation have founded another political association.
Now it depends on how the movement reacts: If we within the next week 100 determined volunteers find and 50.000 euros go into our donation account, then we start collecting 4500 signatures to be admitted to the election.

Our place is in the middle of society, our action is protest, our words are those of science, our hearts are full of the shared desire for a good, safe world for all. Together we strive for the big change we so desperately need. We are not missing any opportunity to make this unignorable; resistance also has a voice in the EU Parliament - the voice of the last generation.

See you in Parliament – ​​see you shaking up the world together.

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