Transparency report 2022

Balance at the beginning of the year 2022: €15.793,52


In total: 901.832,61 €
in euros (€)


In total: 534.519,73 €
in euros (€)

(1) e.g. flyers, posters, tape, paste…
(2) e.g. superglue, printing paper, special glue, banners, high-visibility vests, seat cushions, hand warmers, ...
(3) Event rooms, rental cars, lifting platforms, accommodation
(4) Legal and court costs, process training
(5) e.g Telephone system, Zoom, Internet, databases, mail, SIM cards, laptops, cell phones…
(6) e.g. press training, anti-burnout seminars, emotional processing rooms, mediation, advice…
(7) e.g. failed transactions, entry tickets…

Starting budget:

+ 15.793,52
+ 901.832,61
-534.519,73 €

Annual balance sheet 2022:

+ 383.106,40

ℹ Note

We do not employ people and do not receive any direct funding from the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF).
The initiative “Non-profit educational work to support the last generation” as part of the change alliance receives funding from the CEF and invests the money in cooperation with us in educational work in line with the charitable purpose of the change alliance, e.g. for climate lectures. The initiative also employs people for this purpose.
Since these costs are billed directly through the initiative, there are no cash flows for us, which is why the area is not shown here. But it is around €50.000. In addition, there is the financing of the 41 people who were employed by the Change Alliance for the initiative so that they can continue to pay their rent during their voluntary commitment to climate education.
Contrary to what is often claimed, neither the Last Generation nor the above-mentioned Change Alliance initiative pays people for resistance on the streets. That wouldn't be possible either because it doesn't correspond to the charitable purpose of the Wandelbündnis.