119 groups and 268 individuals have signed this statement in solidarity with the Last Generation:

Protecting the climate is not a crime – solidarity with the last generation

Thousands of people die every year through vehicles on German streets, every single death is a stroke of fate. There was one on October 31stn Another of these terrible accidents: A 44-year-old cyclist was run over by a concrete mixer. We mourn for this person. The relative and friend*Our compassion goes out inside.
Springer press and GdP, AfD and even the Interior Minister are now exploiting this terrible accident, to discredit the actions of the Last Generation, to discredit climate activism in general criminalize. The fact that the emergency doctor on site would have decided against using the special vehicle even if the special vehicle had not been delayed did not find its way into the public discussion, even though the Berlin Senate was already informed about it the day after the accident.
The Delegitimization of civil disobedience is accompanied by a brutal shitstorm including death threats against climate activists. The attempt to blame the Last Generation for this death is shameless and perfidious. Eit's okay Hetzer*not inside about the value of a human life. EIt's about suppressing the fact that, despite commitments that are binding under international law in the Paris Agreement, Germany is still not pursuing effective climate protection, but is instead expanding the use of fossil fuels and climate change-Ucontributes to injustice everywhere. Those who point this out should be isolated, intimidated and silenced.
With their actions this year, the last generation has impressively shown that the climate movement German politics does not accept that we are more afraid of climate collapse than of fines or prison sentences. Not every action by the group met with unanimous approval; there was also a lot of critical debate about forms of action in the climate movement-goals and democratic structures. At this point, offr, where a tragic death is exploited to make an example of the last generation, is the entire climate movement in solidarity with the last generation united.
WWe stand by the side Llast generation.

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All villages remain
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Anti-nuclear office Hamburg
Anti-nuclear plenum Berlin
Anti-repression group: Snacking dishes
Anti-conspiracy action
ATTAC Germany
Attack Hamburg
BAAK, Bavaria Alliance for Nuclear Phase-out and Climate Protection
Mountain party
BI No nuclear waste in Ahaus eV
BüfA Regensburg, Alliance for Nuclear Phase-out and Renewable Energy
Solidarity Potsdam Alliance
Citizens' initiative A100
Citizens' initiative for tree protection in Braunschweig
Campus For Future Stuttgart
Changing Cities eV
Collapse Total DE
Debt for Climate Germany
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Interventionist left
Young Attac
Coffee grounds reading club Frauheim
Potato voice tv
Kidical Mass Flensburg (organizational team)
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Climate Friends Cologne
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Koala Collective
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Lemgow Culture Bag Clan
Leinemasch STAYS, Hanover
Libertarian Harburg
Left faction in the BVV Neukölln
People from the fence
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No Future for IAA
open climate meeting Frankfurt
Grandmas Against Right Wetterau
Parents for Future Bielefeld
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People4Future Frankfurt
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Psychologist Rebellion
Pödelwitz has a future e. v.
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Red Carpet Activists (Berlin)
SaarTrierLux Alliance, XR Germany
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Achim Bischoff
Alexander Constantine
Alexandra Ostermeier
Anastasia King
Andrea and Olaf Thies
Andreas Kulot, animal rights activist
Andreas Malm, scientist and author
Andreas Schädle
Andy Gheorghiu, climate protection campaigner
Angela Wolf
Angelika Ungerer
Anika Meenken
Anja Freiwald, qualified engineer
Anja Zilker
Anna Ernst
Anna Füll, XR Thuringia
Anne Black
Anne of Törne
Annette Bott
Annika Hahn
Anton Bander
Arno Huth, AtomErbe Obrigheim initiative
Babette Goegele
Barbara Biadacz-Henning
Barbara Hoser
Barbara Schnell, freelance journalist
Benjamin Eisenhofer
Bernd Haller
Bernd Hillebrecht
Berthold Körner
Bettina Angel
Birgitta Höller
Birte Schrein, actress
Brigitte Bruschwitz
Bruno Wipfler
Carin Schomann
Carla Proehl
Carsten Wegmann (DJ Casio)
Christian Beck
Christian Völker, climate alliance against LNG
Christiane Peters
Christine Rose
Christoph Kleine, IL Hamburg
Christoph Müller, teacher and climate activist
Clara Popp
Claudia Hegeler
Cornelia Aderhold
Cornelia Senne, Leave the church(s) in the village
Daniel Seigies
Daniela Wehrl-Pohle
david kopp
Didier Wirth
Dipl. biol. Birgit Huvendieck
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Iris Förster
Dirk Neuhaus
Dominik Wei-Fieg
Doris Happle
Dr Reinhard Steurer, MA, MPP Associate Professor
Dr. Alexander Grevel, biochemist and climate activist
Dr. Angela Vogel
Dr. Anne Burkard, professor
Dr. Beate Friedrich, scientist and activist
Dr. Christine Magendie
Dr. Cornelia Huth, Dipl.-Oec.troph.
Dr. Eckhart John
Dr. Florian Zander, activist and geoscientist
Dr. Fred Rohrer
Dr. Helge Löding
Dr. Holger Schmid
Dr. Ina Begemann
Dr. Josef Berghold, Priv.-Doz.
Dr. Jörg Wiesenfeldt (neurologist)
Dr. Katharina Kaspers-Siebert, teacher
Dr. Katja Brunkhorst
Dr. Read van Roessel
Dr. Lother Kittstein, author
Dr. Marc Seidel
Dr. med. Katja Kühn, Health for Future
Dr. med. Silke Kahler
Dr. Mona Bachmann
Dr. Norbert Dischinger, live car-free! eV – Nuremberg car-free
Dr. Wilfried Schneider
Dörte Schnitzer
Edgar birds
Edmund Schultz
Eileen B., nurse
Elke Hoffmann
Elke Holtkamp, ​​biologist
Elke Schmidt
Ellen Gerdes
Emily Laquer
Eric Horn
Eva Biro
Eva Eckmiller
Eve love
Eva Penier
Federica Albissola
Felix Mueller
Ferat Kocak, climate policy spokesman for the Left Party in Berlin
Frank Masurat
Frank Schier
Franz Zimmermann, XR Aachen
Frauke Kohrs
Frauke Rohrwick
Gabriele Dormann
Gema Duran
Gereon Uerz
Gitta Burberg
Guido R. Trütken
Gunhild Preuß-Bayer, live car-free! e. v.
Günter Bodenburg
Günther Bock, Dipl. Geo.
Hannelore Hertel
Harald Dettmer
Harald Gruhl
Harald King
Heiner Roth
Helmut Weick, A49 and stop climate destruction – traffic turnaround NOW!
Helmuth Pohren-Hartmann
Heribert Wasserberg, Protestant pastor
Horst Bäuml
Ines Richlick
Inge Lechner
Ingrid Haag
Iris Bauer
Iris Shamir-Jáger
Jakob Kruse, scientist and climate activist
Jan Philipp Schwarz
Jannes Kormann
Jasmin Heinz
Jens Mittelbach
Johanna Reichel
Julia Scherzer
Julian Bindewald, doctor
Justus Schreiner
Jutta Koch
Jutta Pfaff
Jörgpeter Engel
Jürgen Schöntauf
Jürgen Sylvester
Jürgen Voskuhl, IT consultant and author
K. Beineke, Dipl.-Ing.
Karin Zeckert
Karin Zickenwire
Karolin Bethke
Kate Cahoon,
Katharina Weigant
Katja Diehl, author and podcaster
Katrin Burchard
Katrin Kolb
Kenneth Plasa, communication and media scientist
Kerstin Press
Kerstin Rudek, electricity rebel 2020
Kurt Gerber
Leave Reichle
Lasse Thiele, climate activist
Lena Donat
Lorenz Redicker
Lu Yen Roloff
Lucas Wagner
Luke Stiedl
Manfred Esmajor
Maren Baermann
Margarete Baumgartner
Maria Kökenhoff
Maria Tintera
Mario Schubring
Marion Eckstein
Marion Tieman
Marissa Reiserer
Markus Koch, climate networker Rems-Murr-Kreis
Mark Lake
Markus Lauenroth
Marla Engel, climate activist
Marlies Schmidt
Martin Grotzke
Martin Pellman
Martin Roediger, educator
Matthias Mett
Matthias Schmelzer, scientist and author
Max Heywood
Max Rath
Mecki Hartung
Michael Beck
Michael Ebert, social worker, union activist
Michael Hülsenkrämer
Michael Rothgang, XR
Michael Schmidt
Milena Reinecke
Mira Aretz
Miriam Schnick
Monica Cook
Monika Büchler
Monika Droste
Myrthe Baijens
Negen Jansen, Leave the church(s) in the village
Nikolai Leber
Nikolaus Mezger, KLUG – German Alliance for Climate Change and Health eV
Norbert Pralow, climate alliance against LNG
Norbert Thurich
Oli Merten
Pascal Hauschildt
Patrick Kracht
Paulo da Silva
Payal Parekh, climate activist, Switzerland
Peter Klassen, Grandmas against the right-wing Wetterau
Peter Pönicke
Peter Windmüller
Peter Zippel, qualified housing and environmental consultant (FH)
Peter-Paul Pichler, scientist
Philippe Diaz
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Froitzheim, geologist and climate activist
Raphael Thelen, journalist and author
Rita Lü, artist
Rita Pönicke
Robert Schneider
Rüdiger Busch
Sabine Balgar
Sabine Baur, Grandmas against the right
Sarah Hess
Scully, end of grounds
Sebastian Delling
Sebastian Höhn
Silke Arning, qualified geographer and councilwoman in the Braunschweig City Council
Silvia Pfeiffer
Simone Mueller
Sina Brewi
Saman Mardi
Stefan Heidrich
Stefan Lorengel
Stefan Schmalz
Stefan Tintera
Stefanie Gruber
Steffi Koppen
Susanne Hirner
Susanne Memarnia
Susan Pack
Sylvester Kaben, ROBINWOOD Berlin
Tadzio Müller, climate activist
Tassilo Seidl-Zellbrugg
Theodoric Wachter
Thomas Meyer-Falk, prisoner from the Freiburg prison
Till Thiemann
Tilman v. Rams
Timo Tolkmitt
Tina Seimel
Tino Pfaff, climate activist
Udo Hase EG Duisburg
Undine Schönfeld
Urs Nyffenegger
Ursel Risch
Ursula Mayer-Eppelsheimer
Uschi Knihs, qualified educator and at OmasGegenRechts
Uta Heitkamp
Uwe Götz, RWE vigil in Essen
Uwe Schmied
Veronica Stumpf
Volker Harbeck, Dipl.-Psych.
Volker Meyer, software developer and activist
Volker Spörer
Werner Bittersohl
Wiltrude Höschele
Wolfgang Arnold
Wolfgang Hatscher-Bülk, Dipl.-Ing.
Wolfgang Lesemann
Wolfgang Lettow, editor at Prisoner Information