Press images

Here you will find a selection of press photos from our past campaigns.
You are free to use these without having to attribute a source unless otherwise stated. If a copyright is stated, this corresponds to the Creative Commons license CC-BY-4. In this case, please contact the photographers before using the photos.
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June 26-30.06.2023, XNUMX Protests and blockades

June 23.06.2023, XNUMX Berlin protest march

June 19.06.2023, XNUMX Action in Berlin for Industry Day

June 16.06th Actions in Berlin and on Sylt

June 14.06.2023th, XNUMX Actions in Braunschweig, Mannheim and on Sylt

June 12.06.2023, XNUMX Actions in Berlin, Braunschweig, Halle, Hamburg, Jena, Kiel, Mannheim and Passau

June 09.06.2023th, XNUMX Blockade and demonstration in Nuremberg at the Protestant Church Congress

June 06.06.2023th, XNUMX Action on Sylt

June 05.06.2023th, XNUMX Blockades in Berlin, Passau and Oldenburg

June 02.06.2023nd, XNUMX Protest March Dortmund

May 26.05.2023, XNUMX Protest march in Berlin

May 23.05.2023, XNUMX Blockades in Berlin

May 19.05.2023, XNUMX Blockades in Berlin

May 18.05.2023, XNUMX Blockades in Berlin

May 17.05.2023, XNUMX Blockades in Berlin

May 04.05.2023, XNUMX Blockades in Berlin

May 25.04.2023, XNUMX Blockades in Berlin

May 21.04.2023, XNUMX Protest march in Berlin

April 19.04.2023, XNUMX Blockades and protest march in Berlin

March 10.03.2023, XNUMX Blockades in Mannheim and BONn

March 09.03.2023, XNUMX Action at Cologne City Hall, road blockade in Mannheim

March 08.03.2023, XNUMX FLINTA blockades in Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig and Oldenburg

07.03.23 Road blockade in Passau, color in Berlin

06.03.23 Road blockade in Cologne

03.03.23 Road blockades in Bremen, Göttingen and Oldenburg

02.03.23 Road blockade in Hamburg and Kiel

01.03.23/XNUMX/XNUMX Road blockade in Aalen and Berlin

28.02.23/XNUMX/XNUMX Road blockade in Ludwigsburg

February 27.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockades in Dresden, Hildesheim and Potsdam

February 23.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockades in Bayreuth, Göttingen and Hamburg

February 22.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockade in Cologne

February 21.02.2023, XNUMX Actions in Berlin and Hanover

February 20.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockade in Berlin, Halle, Hanover and Kempten

February 17.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockade in Berlin

16.02.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Disruption of the Berlinale

February 16.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockades in Kassel and Oldenburg

February 15.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockades in Bonn and Berlin

February 14.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockade in Munich

February 13.02.2023, XNUMX Road blockades in BERLIN, Hanover, Leipzig and Marburg

10.02.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Road blockades in BERLIN, BREMEN, MAINZ

February 09.02.2023th, XNUMX Road blockades in Braunschweig, Dresden and Oldenburg

February 08.02.2023th, XNUMX Color campaign at the RWE headquarters in Essen

February 07.02.2023th, XNUMX Road blockades in Mainz and Hanover

February 06.02.2023, 15 Road blockades in XNUMX German cities

February 03.02.2023rd, XNUMX Road blockades in Cologne and Hamburg

January 13.01.2023, XNUMX Road blockade in Berlin

January 12.01.2023, XNUMX Road blockade in Berlin

January 10.01.2023, XNUMX Road blockade in Berlin

January 09.01.2023, XNUMX Road blockades in Berlin and Mainz

January 06.01.2023th, XNUMX Road blockades in Berlin and Cologne

January 04.01.2023th, XNUMX Berlin - Action at the Ministry of Transport and road blockades

22.12 Berlin road blockade

21.12 action at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

17.12 Road blockades in Berlin

14.12 Road blockades in Berlin

12.12 streetsblockades in Weiden and Berlin

09.12 streetsblockades in Mainz and Berlin

08.12 street and airport blockades in Berlin and Munich

07.12 Road blockades in Berlin

05.12 Road and sign bridge blockades in Berlin, Göttingen and Munich

25.11 Road blockades in Kempten and Oldenburg

24.11 Road blockades in Berlin and Cologne, airport blockade in Berlin Schönefeld

21.11 Road blockades in Freiburg, Munich and Berlin

14.11 Road blockades in Berlin

11.11 Road blockade with ‚ÄúLebenslaute‚ÄĚ orchestra

09.11 Action at the Brandenburg Gate and road blockade

07.11 Road blockades in Berlin and Munich

04.11 Road blockades in Berlin

03.11 Road blockades in Munich, Berlin and Freiburg

02.11 Actions at the headquarters of B√ľndnis90/DieGreenen, SPD and FDP

31.10. Road blockades in Berlin

30.10. Mothers stick to dinosaurs

28.10. Road blockades in Berlin

27.10/XNUMX Mothers block Frankfurter Tor

26.10. Road blockades in Berlin

24.10. Road blockades in Berlin

23.10/XNUMX Museum event in Potsdam