Two years Last Generation

Supporters of the Last Generation at the very first road blockade on January 24.01.2022th, XNUMX (c) Last Generation, High resolution photos here

Two years ago, 24 brave people blocked roads for the first time under the banner “Last Generation” to remind the federal government of its duty to preserve our livelihoods.

A lot has happened since then: the 24 brave people have grown into several thousand. A small group became a whole movement made up of teachers, parents, young people, pensioners, craftsmen and many more. We managed to educate people nationwide in well over 1000 lectures about the climate catastrophe and the failure of the federal government and took our determined resistance to it onto the streets in just as many protests. No one in politics or the public could ignore this resistance to the failure of the federal government over the last two years, as thousands of press articles and hundreds of conversations with politicians right up to federal ministers prove. 

On a day like this you should take the opportunity to say thank you. A very special THANK YOU goes out to all the silent heroes in the background. To the people who cook for the people on the streets, who organize the community, who support people emotionally and who always make their home our home for a few days. Thank you to all the thousands of donors who share some of their hard-earned money with us so that we can pay for court costs, lecture rooms, etc. Thank you to all our allies in business, science, church, climate movement and politics. Thank you to all the courageous people who do not give up in the face of the already advanced destruction of our livelihoods, but who fight even more passionately. 

After so many encouraging words, the question naturally remains: Are we satisfied? Are we happy with the last two years?

Some will guess: No, that's not us. We can't be either. Two years have passed and the federal government is still not doing what is necessary: ​​an immediate, socially just phase-out of fossil fuels. Global CO2 emissions continue to rise, while 2023 was a year whose climate extremes shocked even the most experienced climate experts. This means that we as a society will be even closer to the abyss in 2024 than in 2022. 

For us as the last generation, this doesn't mean giving up, on the contrary. We will continue to work with all our strength to preserve what still needs to be preserved. Because we know: We as a society can do it better, more humanely and more fairly. The people of this world, our democracy and the natural diversity of our earth are worth fighting for.