Visiting the blockade minister

Last generation posters in the Ministry of Transport

Pasting in the Ministry of Transport (c) Last generation
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Berlin, October 15.2.2024, 9, 45:XNUMX a.m – Supporters of the Last Generation paid a visit to the Ministry of Transport this morning. Using paste and brushes, they attached several posters to the interior walls of the ministry library. Pictured: Volker Wissing, blocking a bicycle path with a high-visibility vest. In this way, the climate protectors illustrate the extremely dangerous blockade stance of the FDP and the transport minister in particular.

Lea Maria Rhein (23), speaker: in the last generation, is taking part in today's poster campaign. She explains: “We all know the jokes about Blockade Minister Wissing well enough. But the laughter quickly fades when you realize the consequences of Wissing and his party's constant blocking stance. The FDP is constantly putting obstacles in the way of the entire society, which is in competition with time in the midst of the climate catastrophe.”

What is meant is not just Wissing's German transport policy, which makes the urgently needed mobility transition a long way off - investments in motorway expansion, savings in local public transport and cycle paths, blocking a speed limit, the refusal to present an immediate program to comply with legal climate targets - the List is long. At the EU level, too, the FDP is preventing the necessary change towards fairer and sustainable politics. Negotiations on CO2 fleet limits almost failed. The supply chain law, which has been in planning for years, is now in jeopardy thanks to the FDP blockade. [1]

“If we want to prevent the collapse of our society, we have to redirect – out of the fossil age and towards a sustainable, humane and socially just policy. But we’re running out of time for that”, emphasized Lea Maria Rhein. “We, as the last generation, are interrupting everyday life through our protest in order to show a way out of the business as usual that has led us to the current crisis. The FDP, on the other hand, seems to disrupt and block just for the sake of disrupting. Current surveys show that it is not well received. But with every further FDP blockade, we lose valuable time for the necessary social change.”

[1] Wissing defends FDP blockade of EU laws – ZDFheute