“We’re fed up”

Last generation takes part in demonstration for farms and climate

Supporters of the Last Generation are taking part in the agricultural protest of “We are fed up with agricultural industry” today, (c) Last Generation

Berlin, October 20.01.2024, 12, 20:XNUMX a.m – The Last Generation is taking part in today’s demonstration by farmers in Berlin for an agricultural turnaround. Wearing orange high-visibility vests and carrying banners with the inscription “Climate Crisis = Food Crisis,” the movement’s supporters join a broad alliance of farmers, conventional and organic, environmental and animal rights activists, and consumers who are working together to... Demand a socially just agricultural transition.

Lina Johnsen, Speaker:in the Last Generation explains: “As it is, it is unfair. Large, industrialized agricultural holding companies in particular benefit from agricultural subsidies, while the ecological restructuring of agriculture and many smaller companies fall by the wayside. High wealth must finally be appropriately taxed in order to enable a shift away from fossil fuels, towards more justice and a climate-friendly restructuring of agriculture."

She further explains: “We, as the last generation, are calling for a socially just exit from oil, gas and coal by 2030. The Scholz government continues to act haphazardly, inadequately and socially unfairly. As a society, we can make change better, fairer and more humane."

Regarding the mass blockade originally announced for February 3rd, the Last Generation explains:

We as the last generation have decided not to gather for the mass occupation on February 3rd as planned, but rather to support the “Hand in Hand against the Right” protest. The Last Generation is therefore calling for a protest march on February 3.2.2024, 11 from 13 a.m. at Potsdamerplatz, which will end with the central protest action “Hand in Hand” at XNUMX p.m. at the Bundestag. 

The climate catastrophe threatens fundamental democratic values. What freedom remains for people who have to leave everything behind because of drought, floods and escalating conflicts.  
How can we maintain equality when resources are scarce and only a few rich people can buy their way out for the time being? What about justice? How about solidarity?

When these fundamental values ​​begin to falter, democratic institutions will be put to the test, which is what we are already seeing: the right is gaining influence.

With our voice and our bodies we will oppose both the pressure from the right and the systematic suppression of the climate catastrophe.