World clock colored orange 

– “We are running out of time” –

Supporters of the last generation have climbed the orange colored world clock. There they unrolled a banner with the inscription “It is time for change: Away from fossil fuels – towards fairness”. More pictures here.

Berlin, June 13.10.2023, 09, 45:XNUMX a.m – The world clock on Alexanderplatz has just been colored bright orange by supporters of the Last Generation and is now warning that the time to prevent a social catastrophe is running out. At the same time, a sit-in took place at Halleschen Tor and traffic on the A100 city highway was slowed down by supporters of the last generation. 

Irene von Drigalski (66), Last Generation speaker explains:

"The World Clock is now a memorial to the global race against time that we as humanity are in danger of losing. But the success of protests in the Netherlands gives us hope."

For 27 days, people there blocked a highway every day at 12 p.m. and demanded the abolition of fossil fuel subsidies. Last week, the Dutch parliament ordered the government to draw up a plan to end fossil fuel subsidies. The environmentally harmful subsidies in the Netherlands amount to around 41 billion euros. In Germany, according to the Federal Environment Agency, it is even 65 billion euros.

Henning Jeschke (23), co-founder of Last Generation, says:

"That's the evidence! Civil resistance works! We publicly call for people to occupy the Street of June 28.10.23th in Berlin on October 12th, 17 at XNUMX p.m. We won't let the government get away with fossil subsidies anymore!"

Using four prepared fire extinguishers, the Last Generation supporters marked the world clock with an orange warning color. Afterwards, two demonstrators climbed onto the cylinder of the world clock and spread a banner with the inscription “It is time for a change: away from fossil fuels – towards fairness" out.