Christmas trees sprayed in seven cities

“Contemplative in the catastrophe”

Supporters of the last generation in front of the sprayed Christmas tree in the Mädlerpassage in Leipzig
(c) Last generation. See more pictures here.

Berlin, October 13.12.2023, 10, 30:XNUMX a.m – In several cities across Germany, Christmas trees in central public places have just been colored with orange warning color by supporters of the Last Generation. 

Christmas trees in Berlin, Oldenburg, Kiel, Leipzig, Rostock, Nuremberg and Munich were sprayed with orange paint from prepared fire extinguishers. The demonstrators in orange high-visibility vests hold banners and posters with the inscription “Contemplative about the catastrophe? Charity = climate protection!”

Simon Lachner, Last Generation spokesperson explains: “Amidst the flashing lights, shiny jewelry and festive atmosphere, it is easy to forget: We are racing at full speed towards catastrophe and our governments in Dubai are currently failing miserably to pull the emergency brake and decide on the exit from fossil fuels, which is essential for our survival. I ask myself, how can we look into the shining eyes of children with a clear conscience, knowing full well that they are heading for a future full of catastrophe?”

Further emphasized Lachner: “This is a time for reflection and therefore also a time to reflect on where our priorities lie. So what is more important to us? Clinging to the constant, destructive, business-as-usual approach? Or a secure future worth living for us and our children? Let's not just talk about charity and hope, but let's bring it into our everyday lives! What you love, you protect. Charity is climate protection!”

The last generation before the tipping points is calling, especially this Christmas, to set out together to do everything peaceful in our power to prevent a world that is 3 degrees hotter by the end of this century. We can't rely on governments and corporations to do this. We as citizens are called upon to take action ourselves and engage in civil disobedience. 

The Last Generation calls for a peaceful mass occupation in Berlin on February 03, 2024. In preparation, lectures and training in civil resistance are taking place all over Germany.