“Away from fossil fuels – towards fairness”

Prenzlauer Allee occupied

Scientists from Scientist Rebellion support today's sit-in on Prenzlauer Allee in Berlin. Photo: Last generation

Berlin, October 20.10.2023, 09 15:XNUMX a.m – Supporters of the last generation are currently occupying the intersection of Prenzlauer Allee and Danziger Straße in Berlin. Traffic on the B109 and B96a comes to a temporary standstill. 

Silvia Klesz (57), speaker of the Last Generation, explains: “We simply can't get out of crisis mode. Droughts, famine and wars will become part of our everyday lives as the climatic conditions that have long stabilized human civilization collapse. That's why we can't wait any longer to do everything necessary to protect our societies from even greater harm. It is urgently necessary that the Scholz government finally takes appropriate action to address the climate catastrophe. To achieve this, subsidies for oil, gas and coal must finally be eliminated and investments in fossil infrastructure must stop now."

Some of the demonstrators have glued themselves to the road and are holding banners with the inscription “Away from fossil fuels, towards justice”. A group of scientists from Scientist Rebellion stood behind a sit-down demonstration to show their support. [1]

The scientific research clearly shows that “any further delay in concerted, global action will mean we miss a short and rapidly closing window to secure a livable future.” [2]

Silvia Klesz explained: "Starting next week, we will meet with supporters from all over Germany in Berlin and initiate the transition away from fossil fuels towards justice using the means of civil resistance. On Saturday, October 28.10.2023th, 17, we will also receive support from Extinction Rebellion from the Netherlands in our occupation of the Street of June XNUMXth."

Extinction Rebellion Netherlands is currently pausing its highway occupations as the Dutch government is currently addressing its demand for an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

[1]  de.scientistrebellion.com/de/
[2]  www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKhoVnC3lNk