Update sit-ins: attacks and injuries

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Last generation road blockade on September 18.09.2023th, 7.26 at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m.
You can find more photos of the protest in high resolution here.

Berlin, September 18.09.2023, 14.40, XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. – Since 7.15:XNUMX a.m., numerous supporters of the Last Generation have been blocking dozens of traffic arteries in Berlin. There were also attacks and injuries. The protests continue: Sit-in blockades lead to police operations and traffic delays until the early afternoon.

Auch Marion Fabian (73), Speaker of the Last Generation is on the streets today. She states: “Hundreds of police officers deployed in Berlin today cannot prevent our protests from being loud and visible. What we finally have to see is that the climate catastrophe is forcing our children and grandchildren into an existential emergency. To keep the de facto deadly warming of the climate under control, we must absolutely stop burning coal, gas and oil by 2030!”   

Today's sit-ins were accompanied by attacks on demonstrators. While a group of protesters peacefully positioned themselves on the street and put on orange high-visibility vests, a driver got out of his white van and sprayed pepper spray into the protesters' faces. Some time later, a Last Generation supporter was showered with coke by another driver. 

On the B109/Fröbelstrasse, police officers repeatedly used so-called pain grips on several Last Generation supporters. The method was used to remove people who were sitting on the street non-violently from the road as quickly as possible. The use of these nerve pressure and lever techniques caused those affected to scream in pain as they were carried away. One demonstrator lay crumpled on the sidewalk for several minutes.  

Aimee van Baalen (24), also speaker of the Last Generation, comments: “The drastic actions of the officers actually show how overwhelmed the police are with our protests. The climate crisis is a huge task that cannot be solved by police. It can only be solved politically.”

Despite numerous arrests (as of 14.37:52 p.m.: XNUMX), people continue to take to the streets with determination. Simon Lachner (25), Last Generation Speaker explains: “I am on the street in Berlin today and overwhelmed by the great reception we receive from passers-by. We are here, there are many of us, and we will only end our protest when the political change has been initiated!”