University protests and traffic jams on the A100

How was that respect again, Mr. Scholz?

Supporters of the Last Generation on Puschkinallee in Berlin, October 23.10.23rd, XNUMX
(c) Last generation

Berlin, June 23.10.2023, 8, 10:XNUMX a.m – This week in October starts again with spectacular color protests at German universities and traffic jams on the A100. After 15 prominent university buildings nationwide were sprayed with orange paint in the last few weeks, four more will follow today. The exact locations are currently still secret. 

However, today's protests stand out from previous ones. This time they are aimed particularly at one man. To Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz. 

“I'm currently interrupting my studies and getting involved with the Last Generation instead because, to be honest, I no longer see any prospects with the current government course. Mr. Scholz, you always emphasize how important respect is to you! “So I think it’s pretty disrespectful of you to introduce my generation into a world that is so much worse than the one you once found.”, says Lennart Wenzel (27) Aerospace engineering student. He was involved in a color protest at the TU Berlin last week.

He continues: “Glaciers, polar ice, rainforests, the Gulf Stream – none of this can be brought back. We are being drawn into a spiral of escalation from which there will soon be no way out. This is not primarily about the collapsing climate system, but about what follows from it: scarce food and water, price increases that divide society - a massive, ever-increasing justice crisis that results in conflicts and ultimately in the collapse of our society Society ends.” 

There was once again no getting around the protest on the Berlin A100 city highway this morning. There are currently almost a dozen supporters of the last generation sitting on the road. At the same time, several motorway exits and other traffic junctions in Berlin are blocked. The protesters' demand can be read on their bright orange banners: “Away from fossil fuels, towards fairness” – the socially just exit from oil, gas and coal by 2030 at the latest.