Disobedient gatherings in ten cities

– Last generation starts the resistance spring with momentum –

Disobedient gathering today in Karlsruhe.
(c) Last generation  More pictures from the respective cities here.

Disobedient gatherings organized by the Last Generation are currently taking place in Berlin, Bremen, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Regensburg, Stuttgart and on Rügen. In addition to die-hard supporters of the Last Generation, many alliance partners and people came who had never protested with the Last Generation before. 

The disobedient gatherings have the motto “Democracy needs honesty“. Politicians should honestly admit that social injustice in the country has become intolerable. She should honestly admit that the current course is leading our society straight towards fascism and climate collapse. Only if politicians are honest here will society have a chance of finding democratic ways out of the crisis. 
This demand for honesty is particularly directed at Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. 

Lina Johnsen, spokesperson for Last Generation is satisfied with today's protests:  

"Our new strategy is really working! We have a lot of tailwind right now and a lot of new people have come along and are resisting together with us! I think people are really moved by the desire for more honesty and justice!"

Speakers of the Last Generations Theodore Schnarr explains the goal of the disobedient assemblies: 

"We must reduce the consumption of fossil fuels as quickly as possible in order to contain the climate catastrophe. But if we simply impose a carbon price that is not even paid back to the population, the poorest people will no longer be able to afford basic needs such as heating. At the same time, the richest continue to consume nine times as much as the average because high prices don't matter to them at all. This is an intolerable social injustice that will destroy our society. We would like to initiate an honest debate about this in politics! That is why we also call on Frank-Walter Steinmeier to stand behind our declaration. If we don't finally have honest debates about social injustice and the climate catastrophe, our democracy will collapse."

You can read more about CO₂ prices, fair rationing that limits overconsumption by the rich and social injustice in our statement.