Systematic infliction of pain by Berlin police

Supporters of the last generation on the street in Berlin on September 26.09.2023th, XNUMX –
(c) Last generation

Berlin, October 23.09.2023, 8, 00:XNUMX a.m - Since this morning at 7:30 a.m., supporters of the last generation have once again taken to the streets of Berlin to draw attention to this through traffic blockages: an exit from coal, gas and oil must take place by 2030 at the latest in order to prevent the irretrievable overturning of the To prevent climates from entering a deadly hot period. 

Marion Fabian (73), speaker of the Last Generation, explains: “We are observing that the systematic infliction of pain by the Berlin police against peaceful citizens is increasing with every day of our protests. If officials inflict pain on people when milder means such as simply carrying them away can be used, then this not only violates the principle of proportionality, but it also meets the definition of torture.” 

Further noted Marion Fabian: “We ask ourselves whether Iris Spranger really wants to go down in history as the Interior Minister under whose leadership torture became part of everyday police life in the Federal Republic of Germany.”

Very few cases of the Berlin police using pressure and lever techniques are made public. Yesterday's police action against Simon Lachner, spokesman for the Last Generation, was published on the X platform (formerly Twitter):  

The same situations can be observed again and again. A demonstrator sits on the street, police officers approach and point out that if you do not get up on your own, they will use immediate force in the form of nerve pressure and lever techniques. As a result, the wrists are usually painfully overstretched. The leverage is then increased by lifting the person so that their own body weight increases the painful overstretch. In some cases, nerve points on the face or neck are also stimulated, which immediately leads to severe pain. The supporters of the last generation never defend themselves and allow themselves to be carried or led away without resistance, even in pain.

We have a few more cases - all from yesterday Monday - in this folder compiled. You can find more videos from last week that have not yet been published here and here.

Background information on pain grips and when they can be described as torture can be found in the FAQs of the Society for Civil Rights: pain grips #c231929-violates-the-application-of-the-pain-grips-the-torture-ban

“FragDenStaat” published internal training documents from the Berlin police on pain grips on August 31.08.2023, XNUMX: