Road blockade: Trial against last generation climate activist begins

Dresden. On Wednesday, October 18.10.2023th, 15.03.2023, Pia Osman from the “Last Generation” will be in court in Dresden. On March 60, 15, she and 1.200 other climate activists blocked car traffic at the Freiberger Straße stop. XNUMX people sat on the road and some of them stuck to it. A running demo supported the campaign. The public prosecutor's office accuses Pia Osman of coercion and is demanding a fine of XNUMX euros.

Pia Osman, 27, had previously worked as an educational assistant for democracy promotion and youth participation. It was always close to her heart to encourage young people to raise their voices. With a heavy heart, she has put her activities on hold and has been participating in Last Generation protests for almost two years. She stands by her actions: “The climate crisis is simply too urgent. We have to be fossil-free by 2030 in order to work with the global community to save the lives of billions of people,” said Osman.

In July 2023, Osman was acquitted in Leipzig for a road blockade. She also expects an acquittal from the Dresden District Court: “It is simply fundamentally wrong to now criminalize those who point out the problem – instead of the machinations of fossil lobbyists and those responsible who put these particular interests ahead of the common good.”

For them, peaceful, civil disobedience is a part of democracy that is important in order to be able to point out weak points within it. It should stand alongside, not against, other democratic opportunities for participation. “The Dresden District Court can now take a clear stand for climate protection, climate protest and democracy. We now need consistent decisions, including in the courts, to protect the population in the climate crisis and to enable the freedom of future generations,” continued Osman.

We warmly invite you to report on this process:
13:15 p.m., Roßbachstraße 6, room N1.17

In addition, there will be one on Wednesday, October 18.10.2023th, XNUMX process-accompanying vigil instead: 13 p.m., Roßbachstraße 6, Dresden.

The event will begin at 16:30 p.m. on October 18.10.2023, 1 in the Marwa El-Sherbini Park (Lothringer Str. XNUMX, Dresden). Protest march.
There is also one on the same day Panel discussion with representatives of the last generation and “1001 Fairy Tales” (Rainer Petrovsky) in the Braustübel at Körnerplatz in Dresden: