“Hard coal is blood coal”

Access to the hard coal power plant in Lünen blocked in several places 
Paddling activities and blockades on the Datteln-Hamm Canal

Blockade of the Datteln-Hamm Canal. More pictures here.

Lünen, October 07.10.2023th, 10, 50:XNUMX a.m – Activists from the anti-coal network Still burning Today, paddling and climbing activities are blocking the hard coal supply chain in North Rhine-Westphalia in several places. The blockades on the Datteln-Hamm Canal, on the access to the Trianel coal-fired power plant in Lünen and in the harbor basin there are directed against the serious human rights violations in the mining regions. The power plant only burns imported hard coal, which is mined in northern Colombia, among other places.

“We demand an immediate phase-out of coal because hard coal is blood coal. Hard coal destroys the livelihoods of people in mining regions around the world. In countries like Colombia, resistance can cost not only freedom but also life. With our actions we are joining the courageous fight of the people in the mining areas.”, says Lara Eckert, spokesperson for Still Burning.

Hard coal, most of which will be imported to Germany from Colombia, will be burned in the Lünen power plant until 2038. There, coal mining is accompanied by violent displacement by paramilitaries, environmental damage and health problems for residents due to air and water poisoning. 

“We call on the German federal government to take responsibility for the social consequences of its hard coal imports. Every day that Germany continues to import hard coal, the hunger, the malnutrition of our children and the extreme poverty in our territory are increasing, this must stop! At the same time, anyone who stands up against this injustice is imprisoned or killed. Through the import of hard coal, Germany bears responsibility for the expulsions and murders in our territory.”says the human rights activist Narlis Guzman Angulo, a resident of the Colombian province of Cesar.

Most recently, the traffic light government expanded hard coal imports from Colombia after it wanted to forego coal imports from Russia in the wake of the war of aggression against Ukraine.

“I would like the German Chancellor to tell me what would happen if 40 German children died every year from respiratory diseases due to coal dust in their lungs caused by foreign coal mining. Because that is exactly what is happening to the children of the indigenous Yukpa nation. The irrationality and racism of German politics, which is completely archaic and backward, imposes on the people of the Global South something that they would certainly not accept in their own territory.”, So Juan Pablo Gutierrez, Yukpa indigenous delegate involved in the action.

The groups involved in the protest of the anti-coal network Still Burning are: Lützi leben, Ende Gelaende, Last Generation, Sugar in the Tank, AusgeCO2hlt, Kappen met Kolen (Netherlands), Aufbaumen, Mujeres Guerreras (Colombia), Somos Yukpa (Colombia) .

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