Statement on the new budget - Dear government, who are you doing politics for? –

Mass occupation on October 28.10th. on the Street of June 17th, “Away from fossil fuels, towards fairness”
(c) Luca May.

The government has reached an agreement on the budget. With individual points it moves in triple steps in the right direction. But triple steps are not enough!

We see that long overdue steps such as the kerosene tax on domestic flights are possible if there is a lot of pressure from all sides. What does this mean for our protest? – Especially now!
Especially now, because Fossil financial injections into the destruction of everything we hold dear must be stopped!
Now especially because we have to get out of fossils – but in a socially just way!

Asking the aviation industry to pay: let’s take it! But celebrating such small drops in the bucket ignores the fact that we have to pour water out of buckets to put out the fire. 

We will not accept that the government makes us the victims of its fatal policies! Not in the long term and especially not today! Climate protection, yes – but condemned in a socially just way. 
This budget is one thing in particular: unfair - it will be expensive for the citizens, while the rich and corporations are laughing up their sleeves about extremely low taxes or the distribution of billions in bonuses. 

When will our government finally take action against those who fill their pockets with destruction: billions in tax benefits for fossil companies such as port operations and aviation, support for regional airports and cruise ships, billions for unnecessary SUV company cars, export credit guarantees for global crimes.

Would it be better to raise the CO2 price and make life even more expensive for the poor and the middle of society without the rich feeling any consequences? Dear government, who are you doing politics for?

We're watching your fingers! We can only brake before the cliff of climate catastrophe if we work together and not if individuals are allowed to continue racing while others lose courage because rising prices plunge them into a spiral of worries. 
We are rebelling against this! We will not accept this injustice. On February 3.2rd see you on the street!