Statement on Lufthansa demands – hand on it, dear Lufthansa –

Last generation protesters at Berlin airport in December 2022
(c) Last generation

At the weekend we received news of claims for damages from Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings as a result of our protests at airports in 2022 and 2023. At the same time, several media outlets are now unanimously reporting that Eurowings is not prepared to respond to further questions on the topic.

We would like to inform you of the following regarding the claims for damages brought against us:
Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a company that primarily earns its money through activities that fuel the climate catastrophe. Lufthansa is not unique in this regard, and yet it cannot be denied that the CO2 emissions that cause thousands of deaths every year come in part from the engines of Lufthansa aircraft.

In a global threat like the climate catastrophe, everyone's responsibility is important. And those whose charisma as global companies have an impact all over the world should lead the way.

As the last generation, we offer Lufthansa and its subsidiary Eurowings to join us in taking on the responsibility that the planet and people now need from all of us: Hand on it, dear Lufthansa: If you pay the annual social costs of your CO2 emissions, then pay we claim €740.000 in damages. Down to the last cent. Based on emissions from 2019 and a conservative estimate of $185 in social damage per ton of CO2, we assume around €6 billion annually.

Should Lufthansa be prepared to pay for the damage it has caused to the public, we would at the same time be prepared to meet its claims against us. If Lufthansa from now on refrains from further fueling the climate catastrophe through massive CO2 emissions, we will no longer get in each other's way in the future.