Sit-ins in Berlin rush hour traffic

– Capital bathed in bright orange –

Marion Fabian (73), speaker of the Last Generation,
also took part in the sit-in blockades in Berlin this morning.
You can find this and other photos of the protest in high resolution here.

Berlin, September 18.09.2023, 07, – 30:XNUMX a.m  - After last generation supporters clearly marked the Brandenburg Gate with orange paint yesterday, they have been blocking various main roads throughout Berlin since this morning at 07:15 a.m. in order to once again emphasize this symbolic form of protest using the means of civil resistance. Exits on the A100, A103 and A114 as well as various federal roads into the city are affected by sit-ins in at least 23 locations.

The demonstrators wear orange high-visibility vests and banners with the inscription: “Away from fossil fuels – towards justice”. Many stuck themselves on the street with superglue. Yesterday, several Last Generation supporters used prepared fire extinguishers to spray the six pillars of the Brandenburg Gate with orange warning paint. Today's sit-ins also make it clear: delaying the necessary political change is no longer possible. 

Marion Fabian (73), Last Generation spokesperson, sitting on an exit off the A103 today, explains: “While Chancellor Olaf Scholz behaves dishonestly towards the citizens and neither describes the incipient climate collapse as a danger nor initiates the necessary emergency measures, with our sit-ins in Berlin rush hour we are resorting to the means of protest that is obvious and unignorable - because Scholz is not allowed to do any more ignore the fact that we must end the use of fossil fuels by 2030 at the latest.  
We are determined and prepared to continue our peaceful resistance until the necessary socially just transition away from fossil fuels is achieved.

Lea-Maria Rhein (22), Last Generation spokesperson, who is also taking part in today's protest, adds: "A cold sweat of fear runs down my spine when I see how the climate catastrophe is escalating before all of our eyes, as is now the case in Libya, where, due to climate change, entire city districts are being swept into the sea by the floods of heavy rain and the resulting dam failures, and thousands of others People have to lose their lives.
With every ton of CO2 we emit, the likelihood of the climate system collapsing increases. We must, if necessary, get out of oil, gas and coal by 2030 at the latest - from today on we will be taking to the streets of Berlin over and over again, because now is the time for a hopeful turning point in our history
. "