Rosenthaler Platz occupied

– Politics stands still, but people start moving –

Supporters of the last generation at the protest march this afternoon.
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Berlin, October 24.10.2023, 15, 20:XNUMX a.m – At around 13.30 p.m., a Last Generation protest march started at Berlin's Neptune Fountain, like every Saturday, and set off towards the north. A few minutes ago, the participants sat down on the road at Rosenthaler Platz. Unlike other protests of the last generation, the street occupation is accompanied by chants and music. There is an angry, determined and at the same time hopeful atmosphere at the intersection.

Marion Fabian, speaker of the Last Generation, explains: “Here today I look at faces that reflect hope and courage to change. People all over the world are brimming with ideas and energy to achieve the necessary shift away from oil, gas and coal. A fair, livable future in which politics and the economy are there for the people instead of the other way around is possible!"

Fabian further: "The hope and enthusiasm of the people are still being sabotaged by our government at almost every opportunity. More needs to be done everywhere for the change we need to prevent the collapse of the climate and thus our society, but the government failure is particularly clear in the transport sector. Dobrindt, Scheuer, Wissing - it's always the same pattern: If you take a step in the right direction, you immediately take two steps back. Right now, we need the courage to take the course towards a turnaround – and at a rapid pace!"

At this week's transport ministers' conference, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing blocked the federal government from covering the additional costs for the 49 euro ticket and thus prevented an agreement on its continuation. [1] 

Wissing is blocking the transition to public transport that is affordable and accessible to everyone, and is thus missing one climate goal after another.
Even the Federal Audit Office criticized Wissing's transport policy as inadequate. The ministry is not living up to its responsibility and must take immediate countermeasures. [2]

[1] Conference of Transport Ministers: Dispute over Germany ticket remains unresolved | TIME ONLINE