Judge confirmed: accelerated procedures unconstitutional

Berlin, October 19.02.2024, 7, 30:XNUMX a.m – As announced a week ago, Last Generation supporters stayed away from a total of 15 accelerated procedures last week. (Press release from last week: lastgeneration.org/pm/anklagebank-bleibt-leer/ )
The results of the boycott of the accelerated proceedings speak for themselves: none of the proceedings went to trial. Instead, the court issued a penalty order in the defendants' absence, which they will now appeal. As a result, she can expect a regular court procedure with all procedural options.

Irma Trommer is one of the Last Generation supporters who didn't show up for their appointment last week. She explains: “Of course I am prepared to stand by my name and face and accept the consequences of my actions. However, the accelerated procedures do not allow for fair conditions and are unworthy of a democracy. I will now lodge an objection against the penalty order and of course appear at the subsequent court case.”

The boycott of the accelerated procedures can therefore be viewed as a success to a certain extent. However, this success is not final - at least 15 accelerated proceedings are scheduled for this week at the Tiergarten District Court. 

Lawyer Dr. Luke Theune, managing director of the Republican Lawyers' Association and lawyer, expresses clear criticism of this: “The Berlin public prosecutor’s office would do well not to bow to political pressure, but rather to continue to conscientiously investigate the matter independently. Accelerated procedures are not suitable for this.”

Criticism of the actions of the Berlin public prosecutor's office is now also coming from the court itself. In today's press release from Association providing support for an active civil society (RAZ) eViG, which oversees the last generation procedures, explains RAZ: “In a decision dated January 31.01.2024, XNUMX, which RAZ eViG has had since last week, a judge at the Tiergarten District Court determined that this Action by the Berlin public prosecutor's office unconstitutional is." 

RAZ eViG expressly welcomes this decision and explains it in the article  RAZ - Action by the public prosecutor's office unconstitutional - AG Tiergarten rejects accelerated proceedings with a resolution, February 2024 (raz-ev.org) further background information on the development of the proceedings and the judge's decision presented to the RAZ. 

“The decision should encourage the Berlin judiciary to accept the final defeat and draw a line under the unfortunate history of accelerated proceedings before even more trust in the rule of law in the Berlin judiciary is lost.”, so RAZ eViG. in his statement. 

Until that happens, the boycott of the unconstitutional tactics will continue. Supporters of the Last Generation will also not appear at the accelerated proceedings this week.