Protest march on Saturday

– It’s time for a change –

Photo: Last Generation – Here to download

Berlin, June 23.9.2023, 14, 00:XNUMX a.m – This Saturday afternoon, dozens of supporters of the Last Generation are once again taking their protest together onto the streets of Berlin. With their protest march they are tirelessly drawing attention to the impending climate catastrophe and the urgently necessary action of the Scholz government.

"Current policies have deadly consequences” – this is, among other things, the inscription on the bright orange banners of the group, which slowly moves through the city from the Apostle Church in Schöneberg. 

The protest march started slightly late and not at Nollendorfplatz as planned. In the morning, several police officers arrived at the Apostle Church to search everyone who arrived there and take down their personal details. Banners and high-visibility vests were also confiscated. Some officers also broke into the building. A publicly announced Last Generation event took place in the church, to which all interested Berliners were invited. 

Marion Fabian (73), speaker of the Last Generation, classifies the morning's events:

"Police officers who break into churches where peaceful groups of people gather who criticize the current government course and no longer want to accept it. The last time this happened in Germany, a change was coming. Today we are once again at a point where a change is needed that can no longer be delayed: away from fossil raw materials and towards socially just climate policy. We are determined to complete the journey there."