Physicist and father sentenced to 7 months probation:

“To draw attention to the catastrophe
"I'm ready to go to prison."

Christian Bläul at a road blockade in Sweden last year
(c) Last generation.

Berlin, Tiergarten District Court, November 15.11.2023, 14, 45:XNUMX p.m.:

Christian Bläul is 41, a physicist and father of two children. Yesterday at the Tiergarten district court he was sentenced to 4 months' probation by Judge Schröder for taking part in 7 road blockades; The public prosecutor initially asked for 9 months of probation. Originally, the hearing was about 6 blockages, but the proceedings for 2 of them had been discontinued.

After the week started with acquittals for two supporters of the last generation in Berlin, a tension arises between the verdicts of the AG Tiergarten for peaceful civil disobedience: ranging from acquittal to prison sentences, they convey an impression of arbitrariness and helplessness in dealing with the protests Last generation.

Christian Bläul With a Master of Science in physics, he worked and published as a research assistant in the field of statistics for 10 years. He has also read the IPCC Synthesis reports, knows the data and the seriousness of the situation, which is still too little known to the public: through the loss of our stable climate, the catastrophes that it brings with it, we are losing crops and water – the foundations of our civilization. 

To ensure that the urgency of this threat is finally reflected in concrete climate protection, Christian Bläul has been protesting with the Last Generation in front of the tipping points for more than a year and a half. Also in Sweden, where he was already imprisoned for 16 days for this. Yesterday's verdict does not stop him from continuing to protest.

“There is a risk of loss of livelihoods worldwide. We are probably closing the door to a stable democracy and society. It's like racing without a seat belt - an unnecessary risk. We have enough knowledge and technology to quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions – the only thing missing is the will. To raise awareness of the disaster, I am willing to go to prison.”, So Bläul.

Meanwhile, the government continues to violate the Constitution and the Basic Law by adopting too few concrete climate protection measures - without consequences. According to the UN Secretary General António Guterres she is one of them “truly dangerous radicals”.