Parliament or street? - Everything please!

– Donation goal reached – Disobedient gatherings on March 16th –

Disobedient gatherings in 10 cities

Berlin, June 08.02.2024, 11, 45:XNUMX a.m – Just yesterday, the last generation announced that they wanted to take part in this year's EU elections, according to the motto: It is time to bring the resistance into parliament.
The prerequisite for this is to find 100 determined helpers and collect 50.000 euros in donations within seven days.
The fundraising goal has already been reached, less than 24 hours after the announcement. 

So the last generation is now heading off the streets and into parliament? Quite the opposite - in a time in which crises are escalating, in which power interests and lobbies take precedence over humanity and reason, one thing is certain: resistance is needed everywhere!

In parliament, in direct confrontation with decision-makers, in places of destruction where the injustice we are fighting against is particularly visible - and last but not least in the middle of society. In everyday life, on the street, where the protest cannot be ignored. This is exactly where more and more people will meet again and again this year for disobedient gatherings.

What this means in concrete terms will soon be visible across Germany - in Cologne, Regensburg, Munich, Leipzig, Bremen, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Berlin and on Rügen gather on 16. March um 12 pm Teachers and students, craftsmen and students, doctors and scientists, farmers and pensioners. People from across society are coming together to turn away from the government's current crisis course and make it clear: We can do it better, more fairly and more humanely! And we're tackling this together now!