Next milestone reached for EU elections

– Over 8800 signatures collected within four weeks –

Volunteers count thousands of signature sheets.
(c) Last generation  More pictures here.

We would like to thank you for the impressive tailwind we have received since the start of our campaign “Stir up the EU Parliament!” learned from the population. 

Within an incredible 6 hours, over 50.000 euros in seed funding was raised for this project through crowd funding. It then took less than a week for 150 volunteers to come forward to collect the signatures necessary for approval to vote. 

Within just about four weeks, these volunteers, along with many other individuals, have now managed to have over 8800 signatures notarized and sent to our mailbox. Twice as many as would have been necessary. This means that the second milestone on the way to the EU Parliament has not only been reached, but has been far exceeded!

"If you no longer want to be part of a destructive system, you have to actively oppose it. Civil resistance, whether on the streets, in the courts or in parliament, is our greatest hope. Thank you for taking part!" says thanks Lina Johnsen, candidate for the EU elections among the signatories. 

What's next? On March 15.03th We will hand over all signatures received to the Federal Returning Officer. The Federal Election Committee will then check whether we are allowed to vote. 

For everyone who is now fired up and doesn't want to wait that long: For the last generation, democracy means much more than checking the box every few years. It will also take much more than a few people stirring up the EU Parliament to make our society fairer again and to defend it against fascism and the climate catastrophe. 

Therefore: Come on the streets! On March 16.03th to the disobedient assembly in Berlin, Bremen, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Regenburg, Rügen and Stuttgart.

Let's come together on Saturday to have an honest exchange about the situation we are currently in and how we can create solutions together!