Morning blockades on A100 and Kurfürstendamm

Supporters of the Last Generation this morning on Kurfürstendamm (c) Last Generation, more pictures here.

Berlin, June 27.10.2023, 08, 00:XNUMX a.m – This morning there were sit-ins again by the last generation. This time on the A100 near the Charlottenburg triangle in a northerly direction and near Detmolder Straße in a southerly direction and on Kurfürstendamm.  

Judith Beadle (43), who is taking part in the protests again today, explains in advance: “The catastrophic consequences of the climate catastrophe are already being felt worldwide and are endangering us all: myself, my friends, my family and us as a whole society. Either we persuade Olaf Scholz's government to initiate the transition away from fossil fuels and towards fairness or we let the world around us collapse. It is simply not possible to stubbornly continue like this - we have control over which path we take now."

Even the federal government's own expert council describes the government's current plans to reduce CO2 emissions as inadequate. There are therefore huge gaps between the desired goals and their implementation. The expert commission's devastating verdict [1] states that there is considerable vagueness, uncertainty and the lack of a coherent and consistent overall concept. Instead, 65 billion euros are invested every year in environmentally harmful and fossil fuel subsidies [2].

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[2] Environmentally harmful subsidies in Germany: Updated edition 2021