Mass blockade alliance “Stop fossil subsidies”

Mass occupation of the Elsenbrücke (c) Last generation
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Berlin, October 9.12.2023, 15, 05:XNUMX a.m – The alliance has been blocking since 14 p.m “Stop fossil subsidies” the Elsenbrücke in Berlin. In the future, one of the most expensive new motorway construction projects in Germany, the A100, will run over this bridge.

Hundreds of people from all age groups are taking part in the mass blockade. The demand is on banners “Stop fossil subsidies” reading, dancing, singing and chanting slogans.

Marit Schatzmann, spokesperson for Parents Against the Fossil Industry, explains: “While Scholz in Dubai speaks of his firm determination to phase out fossil fuels, his government in Germany is supporting the burning of oil, gas and coal with more than 48 billion euros. The subsidization of climate collapse must stop and the money must be used for socially just change in our society.”

According to the alliance, the federal government is breaking its promises by not complying with international protocols and agreements to abolish fossil fuel subsidies.

“The government is burning tax money twice. First through subsidies for fossil fuels and then through the consequential damage caused by climate change-related environmental disasters. Because the main causes of climate change are rich people and companies in the Global North.”, says Fabienne Lang of sand in the gears.

Simon Lachner, speaker of the Last Generation, emphasizes: “Today we are blocking the Elsenbrücke, over which the A100 is supposed to run, a motorway that costs an insane 225.000 euros per meter. We are calling for these enormous sums to finally be invested in local public transport so that it becomes more attractive to leave your car behind. In this way, emissions in Germany can continue to fall and we can finally stop racing at full speed into the wall.”

Through the free allocation of CO₂ certificates (€9 billion), the industry emits more climate-damaging CO₂. There is an energy tax exemption for kerosene (€8,4 billion) for air travel. The company car privilege (~€4,3 billion) will bring more large new cars onto the roads. In the transport sector alone, the state generously distributes more than €30 billion from bottom to top every year. Instead, a real transport transition must be initiated.

Amelie Meyer Extinction Rebellion explains: “Germany is only making fossil companies even richer through these subsidies. There is apparently a lack of money for basic child welfare, social housing or the €49 ticket and ecological transformation. This needs to end now."

Today's protest is just the start of many more mass blockades. According to the alliance, the protests will continue until fossil subsidies are finally stopped.