Mass occupation of the Street of June 17th

“The path to a better future begins on the street”

Supporters of the last generation are occupying the Street of June 17th in Berlin today.
(c) Last generation. You can find more pictures here.

Berlin, October 25.11.2023, 13, 15:XNUMX a.m – The temperatures on Berlin’s streets are near freezing point. Despite the cold and sleet, 12 supporters of the Last Generation have peacefully gathered and occupied the Street of June 1400th since 17 p.m. Because it's about all of our futures. Scientists, parents, cultural workers, craftsmen, teachers, nurses and everyone else who came together today are demanding what is physically necessary from the federal government: Germany must phase out coal, oil and gas in a socially just manner by 2030 at the latest !

Rolf Meyer (66), physicist and speaker of the last generation emphasizes: 
"It's so nice to experience this community. Parents came with their children, grandchildren brought their grandparents. They are all here today, on this icy November day, because they want to move forward on a path to a better future!"

"We can do it. The federal government could begin tomorrow to phase out oil, gas and coal in a socially just manner. We can still prevent millions of deaths and the suffering of countless refugees, have clean air to breathe and build a fairer, more just society. We just have to start now”, continued Meyer.

In addition to the Last Generation, the scientists from Scientist Rebellion and parents have also called for protests against the fossil industry. Despite the cold, around 1400 people followed this call today. 

Lina Johnsen (25), Speaker of the Last Generation: “The exit from fossil fuels is not only the decisive measure against the climate crisis, but also an opportunity to reshape how we live together. Without the influence of the fossil industry, for a fairer Germany with more respect and appreciation. Better, fairer and more humane!"

It was only last year that Germany's continued strong dependence on the fossil fuel industry became clearer than ever. Oil and gas prices exploded in the wake of Russia's attack on Ukraine. Germany paid around €2022 billion for the import of oil and gas in 130. [1] A significant portion of this money went to autocratic regimes that trample on human rights. Oil companies such as BP, Shell and Total recorded record profits, [2] while pensioners in old age poverty no longer knew how to pay their heating bills.

There are numerous opportunities that a socially just transition away from the use of fossil fuels brings. The federal government must take action immediately. Until that happens, Last Generation supporters will continue to take to the streets. The date for the next mass occupation is February 03.02.2024rd, 12 at XNUMX p.m.