Lindner was confronted with his own blockade policy in Leipzig

“Who do you want to do politics for, Mr. Lindner?”

A Last Generation supporter confronts Christian Lindner (c) Last Generation

Leipzig, February 08.02.2024, 16, 10:XNUMX p.m – At a panel discussion with Christian Lindner In the Kupfersaal in Leipzig, the finance minister was just confronted with his political blockade course by supporters of the last generation. After the first few minutes of the stage discussion, several people from the audience confronted Lindner with questions about his blockade stance on climate and social policy.

At the event organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in cooperation with the economics faculty of the University of Leipzig, the topic of the event will be “liberal financial policy between mission, demands and reality”.

The reality is that Christian Lindner and FDP Justice Minister Marco Buschmann recently spoke out against the planned EU supply chain law. A law that aims to strengthen human rights worldwide and ensure compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement is now in danger of failing. A new EU transport law, which would drastically reduce the number of diesel trucks, is also in jeopardy due to the FDP's blockade stance.

Mr. Lindner apparently also wants to ensure compliance with the so-called debt brake by cutting citizens' benefits and benefits for asylum seekers, as he announced in Berlin on January 15th. This means that costs are passed on to people who are already exposed to great financial burdens.

The questions that interrupted the event also included why financial resources would not be mobilized elsewhere to plug the budget gap, for example by introducing or increasing an inheritance and wealth tax and finally abolishing fossil fuel subsidies.

Lina Johnsen, which Lindner confronted today, explains in protest: “We no longer want to look the other way, but rather consistently oppose the FDP’s unfair financial policy.
We invite all people who want to oppose the disastrous environmental policy that continues to do so to do the same. Because the stakes couldn’t be greater: it’s about preserving human livelihoods and the democratic constitutional state.”

An unchecked climate catastrophe will also throw the current economic system off track. We don't have to sit idly by, but we can rethink things, as the ClimateWirtschaft Foundation also recognizes: all in one Appeal with over 50 of the leading companies in Germany She describes the transformation to climate neutrality as a prerequisite for the country's “economic survival” and also emphasizes that the transformation must be designed in a socially responsible manner.

To put it in the words of the FDP: It cannot stay as it is. There has never been more to do.