Running blockades in Berlin:

New form of protest

Running blockade on the B96a this morning at 7:45 a.m.
Photo: Last generation

Berlin, October 21.09.2023, 07, 45:XNUMX a.m – This morning, dozens of Last Generation supporters rang in the day on various main streets in Berlin with a new form of protest: the running blockades. 

During the so-called running blockades, the demonstrators take to the streets when the green light is green and put on their bright orange warning vests. Instead of sitting down as usual and sticking up if necessary, they slowly walk in the direction of travel and hold up their banners with the inscription “Away from fossil fuels, towards fairness”. The cars drive behind the demonstrators at walking speed.

While in our protest marches we slowly take our protest to the streets with a large number of supporters as a joint demonstration, today's running blockades in Berlin are about being visible in as many places as possible in the city. With only five to eight demonstrators per blockade, supporters of the last generation are now taking to the streets in at least 19 locations in Berlin.

Lea-Maria Rhein (22), spokesperson for the Last Generation, explains today: “We are in a frightening race against time to prevent the impending climate collapse. With our new form of protest, we are drawing attention to the fact that we as a society must urgently get out of fossil fuels - by 2030 at the latest. We need a turning point, a turning point - so today we are calling on the Scholz government to slow down and finally take action get."

Auch Christopher Brinkmann (48), doctor of biology and teacher, takes part in today's protest. He explains: "I want to live in a country and in a world where our government does everything in its power to ensure a secure future for us citizens, our children and grandchildren. And this is - as has long been scientifically proven - only possible with fossil-free energies."