Crossroads protest

– Socially just transition or social collapse –

Supporters of the last generation protest at Kottbusser Tor
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Berlin, June 10.10.2023, 9, 00:XNUMX a.m – Supporters of the last generation are currently blocking traffic at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin. Despite a large police presence, some of them managed to stick themselves to the road with superglue at the intersection in the center of the capital. They make it clear: a socially just exit plan from oil, gas and coal is now needed to avert social collapse. 
Auch Simon Lachner (25), speaker of the last generation, is sitting on the street today. If he weren't protesting, the qualified electrical engineer would be advancing the energy transition as a planning engineer. He explains why he is protesting in the capital instead:
β€œThe turnaround away from the destruction of our livelihoods cannot be achieved if a few people tinker with it, but the government stands in the way and makes policies that go beyond the reality of life for a large part of the population. In order to avert the collapse of the climate system and thus our society, we have to turn things around – now! But if we as a society do not want to collapse as a result of the transition, it must be planned sensibly and designed in a socially just manner; that is the task of politics.”

He adds: β€œThe government's response to the challenges it faces must not be interparty power struggles that play into the hands of fossil fuel companies and right-wing forces. This is about our survival and we all have to pull together. We know the problem, we know the solutions – let’s tackle the transition together!”