Katarina Barley confronted at the SPD New Year's reception

– A party that calls itself social –

Last Generation supporters confront Katarina Barley on stage (c) Last Generation

Konstanz, February 06.02.2024th, 20, 10:XNUMX p.m – This year's New Year's reception of the SPD in Konstanz was just interrupted by several supporters of the Last Generation. During the speech of the MEP and current EU top candidate of the SPD, Katarina Barley, people from the audience spoke up and confronted the politician with false promises and her party's socially unjust policies.

They held up various banners that read, among other things: “Allowing climate catastrophe = destroying democracy”. A banner also refers to the SPD's previous political failures in government “22 years of SPD in government and we have climate catastrophe and Nazis”

The party itself writes on its website that it wants to do so in the new year “social tensions” with "Respect" and “future-oriented politics” counteract. The protesters point out that there has been little respect and forward-looking politics in recent decades.

Among others, took part in the protest Boris Messerschmidt (47), development engineer in space technology and father of two adult daughters.
An Katarina Barley cleverly, he emphasizes: “I am very afraid for the future of my children and grandchildren.” and asks: “You were once Minister of Justice: How can it be that the federal government is breaking the constitution, sending us to climate hell, and that has no consequences for the politicians responsible? Where is the role model function?”

Finally, Boris Messerschmidt and his colleagues were forced out of the hall. They shouted together: “Climate protection is democracy protection!” and “Stop climate lies, justice now!”

In a statement about the movement's new strategy, the Last Generation announced that it would increasingly directly confront those responsible for climate destruction in the future. This refers to politicians and other decision-makers who are confronted publicly and in front of cameras.