Call for help on the Chancellery facade

“If we don’t speak up now, we have no future.”

Some of the young people are lying, some are sitting in handcuffs before they call for help
on the facade of the Chancellery (c) Last generation
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Berlin, October 02.03.2024, 9, 15:XNUMX a.m – Young supporters of the last generation have just taken their protest to the facade of the Chancellery in Berlin's government district.
Several people under the age of 20 wrote the words "HELP! – Your children” with brushes and orange paint on the white facade.
Some of the young people show posters with messages such as: “No right to vote! No money! No power?" or “You are killing us”
The group of young people calls on the federal government to become aware of the responsibility it has for the young generation and to finally fulfill it.
In an urgent appeal they declare:

“We are young, we are desperate, we are afraid and we are angry. We are the first generation to grow up in the climate crisis.
We can't vote and have to watch people three times our age destroy our life plans.
And for what? For a few rich people to become even richer and retain their power.

We took to the streets with FFF and were ignored. We did homeschooling during lockdown and isolated ourselves to show solidarity with the old and weak.
And now? Who will protect us now? Where is the solidarity with us and our life plans?

We are young. We do not have any money. We have no power. And if we don't speak up now, we have no future.
But we have hope. And that brings us into action. We are here today and call on you:
Hear our cry for help!
You have power.
You have options.
Help us!

Lioba (18), who took part in today's protest, reiterates:

“We stand here in fear.
Our dreams, our hopes die. 
Everything we are currently learning about in school and looking forward to is in danger of sinking into floods or burning up in the summer.
We will have to bear the consequences for the inaction of the generations before us. As an entire generation, we are faced with an increasingly crumbling vision of the future.

Science is just giving us hope right now. But for this we need clear and quick action from politicians. By the time we grow up and can act ourselves, it would be too late.
We don't want to disturb you here. We want to celebrate and be happy. But that doesn't work. We have to be loud here if we want to have a chance.
It makes me angry that we have to do this. That demos are not enough to understand that we have to change something.
We are afraid, but we are desperate. That's why we're not leaving. That's why we're loud. Because we want to live!"