House searches in Passau, Rhineland-Palatinate and Austria

– Public prosecutor obtains European investigation order because of posters and flour paste –

Christian Bergemann is one of those involved in today's house searches
affected persons. (c) Last generation

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Passau, September 11.09.2023th, 09, 00:XNUMX a.m – The Passau public prosecutor's office had three apartments in Passau, Rhineland-Palatinate and Austria searched this morning around 07:40 a.m. These are the apartments of Christian Bergemann and Micha Frey as well as the apartment of Mr. Frey's parents. Laptops, tablets and posters and banners with “Last Generation” prints were confiscated. 

Reason for this approach? According to the search warrant, the two Passau students are accused of unauthorized pasting Last Generation posters on bus stops and power boxes in downtown Passau. 

Christian Bergemann was locked up in the Stadelheim prison for nine days until yesterday evening because he took part in sit-ins in Munich. Before he could return home, his shared room was searched. His laptop and other electronic devices were confiscated. He explains:

"I find it a bit impressive how many resources are available in Bavaria to destroy people who are committed to climate protection. Especially while at the same time people say at every opportunity that real climate protection is too expensive."

"I thought that locking up around 30 people would be the ultimate, but now to search three apartments because of a few posters as if it were a serious crime - that shows that all sense of proportion has really been lost in Bavaria.

Micha Frey is also currently still in prison in Munich. That's why his fiancée was home alone when the police knocked on the door of their shared apartment in Austria not far from Passau this morning. 

In order to be able to search Frey's living quarters for posters, the Passau public prosecutor's office even obtained a European investigation order. The German officials were therefore accompanied by Austrian police officers.