House searches in Berlin

– Sad anniversary –

Julian H. (19) and Judith B. (43) at the protest this morning in Berlin. In the afternoon the couple's apartments were searched.
(c) Florian Wurmbach. You can find more pictures here.

Berlin, October 13.12.2023, 16 00:XNUMX a.m - After today's protests by the Last Generation, in which two Christmas trees in Berlin were sprayed with orange warning paint, there are currently house searches of three people involved. With their protest today, they drew attention to the fact that even after the COP we will continue to hurtle towards climate catastrophe and that, in view of this, we must not lose ourselves in a festive and contemplative mood. 

Speaker:in Carla Hinrichs explained: “Exactly one year after the house searches in December 2022, private and family rooms are once again being ransacked by supporters of the last generation. What we are looking for is color. Among those affected is a mother of two children who is peacefully campaigning against the current destructive government policy and for a secure future for her daughters. Even the children's rooms were searched by the police. The government continues its course towards climate collapse undisturbed. Honestly, I’m at a loss for words.”

At the COP in Dubai, concrete agreements were once again missed; the final declaration bears the signature of the oil and gas lobby. From the vague formulation “Turning away from fossils” There are no verifiable obligations whatsoever. For the continued existence of human civilization as we know it, an end to the use of natural gas, coal and oil by 2030 is necessary, as the Federal Government's Expert Council also stated. [1]

hinrichs explained: “Given the failure of the COP in Dubai, it is up to us citizens to courageously raise our voices. House searches and other attempts to restrict all of our democratic rights to protest do not leave us indifferent, but they cannot stop us from standing up for what is right.” 

[1] According to the SRU, with a linear reduction until 2031, the 1,5 degree limit will be met with a 50% probability. 2030 instead of 2031, as we would have to have started the reduction in 2022.