“Handwerk (k)lives” - craftsmen block street in Berlin –

Craftsmen who support the last generation, this morning at 8:00 a.m. on Blücherstrasse in front of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts, shortly before they sit down on the street and stick. Photo (c) Last generation. More photos here.

Berlin, October 01.12.2023, 10, 15:XNUMX a.m – This morning, supporters of the Last Generation blocked Blücherstrasse in front of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts from 8 a.m. With the protest action, they are calling on the federal government to end the use of fossil fuels in Germany in a socially just manner by 2030.

In addition to their commitment to a better future, the supporters of the last generation who are sitting on the streets today have something else in common: they all work in skilled trades. At today's sit-in, the craftsmen are carrying signs with the inscription “Craft lives” and “The future is work”, with the heart symbol and the handprint of the last generation.

Rosanna Mrle, trained carpenter from Potsdam: “It annoys me that it is often claimed that only wealthy children of academics are interested in the climate because otherwise they would have no other concerns. This is nonsense! Climate catastrophe is the greatest threat to our society and often hits harder those who work with their hands in the open air. That's why we as craftsmen have come together to make it clear that we also do not agree with the catastrophic failure of the federal government. " 

By 9 a.m., everyone stuck on the street had been untied by the police and taken off the street. Further protest actions are planned by supporters of the last generation who work as craftsmen.