Friedrich Merz confronted at the Green Week

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Berlin, June 24.01.2024, 15, 00:XNUMX a.m – Supporters of the last generation have just confronted Union leader Friedrich Merz with his hypocritical positions on agricultural and climate policy at an event at the Green Week. One after another, several supporters of the last generation stood up in the audience and asked unpleasant questions to the CDU politician.

They didn't mince words.

"In your new basic program you talk about future-proof, functioning and sustainable agriculture. They want to achieve transformation through innovations and incentives. But now at the same time they want everything to stay the same, diesel to be subsidized as before and huge agricultural holding companies to make record profits? And will the small farms, for which they make big speeches, disappear when they can no longer withstand the pressure from agricultural corporations and the climate catastrophe? Which side are you on exactly? Or are you just turning with the wind?β€œ shouted the Last Generation speaker involved in the protest, Lea Maria Rhein, the CDU politician. 

The Last Generation's supporters' accusation against Friedrich Merz was summed up by the Last Generation's spokesperson, who was also present Lina Johnsen together as follows:
"With his proposals for climate and agricultural policy, Friedrich Merz is leading us even deeper into the climate catastrophe, while at the same time he is dividing society with right-wing demagoguery!"

The CDU leader reacts rather blasΓ©ly to the questions. He criticizes the way the questions were brought to him, but refuses to address the content of them. Instead, he complains about the lack of debate culture.”of the Greens". 

After Merz tried to brush aside the audience's questions, other Last Generation supporters stood up from the audience and stood in front of the speakers with banners. They kept shouting β€œAway from fossil! – Towards just!" and "Whose prosperity are you supporting?!” – even after the security forces tried to remove the climate activists from the hall.