Acquittals at the Tiergarten district court

On November 25.11.2023th, 12, supporters of the Last Generation will once again occupy the Street of June 17th from XNUMX p.m., (c) Last Generation.

Berlin, November 13.11.2023th, 11 - 00:XNUMX a.m. - Once again, supporters of the Last Generation were acquitted of the charge of coercion at the Tiergarten District Court in the first instance.

Rolf Meyer, Last Generation spokesperson explains: “The renewed acquittals at the Tiergarten district court show that our protests can also be legally assessed as legitimate. Our government is breaking the law and so we are heading towards a world three degrees hotter this century. It is our moral duty to peacefully resist the irresponsibility of the Scholz government. We are pleased that judges continue to have the courage to recognize the legitimacy of our protest."

Yesterday and today, in three proceedings at the Tiergarten district court, the allegations of coercion through sit-ins and resistance to law enforcement officers due to sticking hands on the road were denied.

At yesterday's main hearing against Lisa Sieghart (21) A sit-in on November 07.11.2022th, 20 was negotiated. Judge Plüür emphasized that he personally rejected the form of protest, but that a conviction for resistance and coercion represented a hair-raising over-extension of the concept of violence. When weighing up whether there is reprehensibility, Article XNUMXa GG only allows a decision in favor of the defendant.

This morning was Alison Schönwald (22) also acquitted of allegations of coercion and resistance in two proceedings. Specifically, it was about two sit-ins in Berlin on July 06.07.2022th, 04.07.2022 on Holländerstrasse and on July 113th, XNUMX on Seestrasse Bridge. In these proceedings, judge Dr. Cebulla firmly.

A total of eleven Berlin cases have already been decided in the first instance in favor of supporters of the last generation with an acquittal.

The fact that our federal government is not fulfilling its obligations in the climate catastrophe and that this results in a duty to resist is the core of the Last Generation's argument.

Just like Judge Plüür from the Tiergarten District Court, supporters of the last generation also repeatedly refer to Article 20a of the Basic Law: “The state also has responsibility for future generations to protect the natural foundations of life and animals within the framework of the constitutional order through legislation and, in accordance with the law and law, through executive power and jurisprudence. "

Rolf Meyer explains: “We will continue to protest and repeatedly ask society and the courts whether it is reprehensible to offer peaceful resistance against a government that is destroying our livelihoods and thereby breaking the constitution - or whether our actions are justified. At the same time, we call on our fellow citizens for peaceful resistance. The next big opportunity to take part in our protests is November 25.11.2023th, XNUMX."

On November 25.11.2023th, 12, the Last Generation is calling for a mass blockade of the Street of June 17th in the area of ​​the Großer Stern from XNUMX p.m.