Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport closed

Private jets are no longer up to date

Supporters of the last generation with a hammer and chisel on the tarmac at Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport (c) Last generation 
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Braunschweig, March 23.03.2024, 9, 20:XNUMX - Together with Extinction Rebellion Netherlands directs it Last Generation Today, through their protest, the focus is on the lack of regulation of excessive, destructive consumption - at the center of the protest private jets. While Extinction Rebellion has announced a protest at Eindhoven Airport at 12 p.m., Last Generation supporters shut down Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport this morning. 
They cordoned off the runway with tape and cones and put up warning signs saying: “Due to climate catastrophe – airport closed” and then set about dismantling the runway with hammers and chisels. 
It's time to address the elephant in the room: Now that we in Germany have to reduce our CO2 emissions at a rapid pace, it is necessary to ask the question of justice. Is it possible that high prices force poor people to further reduce their already meager consumption of resources, while rich people continue to fly private jets? No – we as a society can no longer afford private jets.

Tens of thousands of aircraft take off from Braunschweig Airport every year, including numerous private jets. A four-hour private jet flight emits as much CO2 as the average person produces in a year. [1] In general, rich people cause much higher CO2 emissions through massive overconsumption and thereby drive the climate catastrophe to an above-average extent - with catastrophic consequences for everyone. 
The richest 1 percent are doing significantly more damage to the climate than the entire poorer half of humanity combined. The richest Germans are responsible for a thousand times as many emissions as the average person. [2]

Miriam Meyer (31) gave up her teaching position at the university in order to get involved in the future of young people through protest. Today she sits on the tarmac with a hammer and chisel. She explained in advance: 

“We are shutting down Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport because we are in an acute emergency situation due to the climate catastrophe. We are in a very deep crisis and need to cut emissions. And we also have to accept that this will not work without restrictions. But we can make these restrictions socially just! The owners of private jets and superyachts will not abandon them voluntarily, but we can demand this as a society!”

During the Last Generation Statement, behind which Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier The core message of today's protest is summarized:
“But saving energy cannot be achieved through price increases alone! This is a question of justice and therefore a question of fair rationing that puts a limit on the overconsumption of the rich. […]
It is high time to speak the uncomfortable truth: some things that are taken for granted today must come to an end. If we want to protect our livelihoods, the government must fairly shut down the airline industry – especially private jets and domestic flights.”