Stuck on the A100:

City highway blocked in Berlin

Supporters of the last generation block the Berlin A100 city highway.

Berlin, October 19.10.2023, 08, 00:XNUMX a.m – It is just sunrise when traffic on the A 100 city motorway comes to a standstill. At the height of Charlottenburg Palace, in the west of Berlin, three cars drive in parallel, slow down and come to a stop at the same time with their hazard lights on. More than a dozen Last Generation supporters get out of the vehicles, unfurl their orange banners and begin today's protest for more climate justice. 

"The climate is running out of time and we have no chance to intervene.said Sophia Zach (20), who took part in today's protest on the A100. “We are hurtling toward disaster. I don't want to blame myself in a few years for not having tried everything when the climate catastrophe hits us with full force.

The Last Generation protests in Berlin are intended to bring a turning point. The federal government's climate policy is driving the climate and thus our future into the wall. Even the federal government's own expert council describes the current plans to reduce CO2 emissions as inadequate. There are therefore huge gaps between the desired goals and their implementation. The devastating verdict of our own expert commission [1] states that there is considerable vagueness, uncertainty and the lack of a coherent and consistent overall concept. 

"Emissions must come down – immediately and now! We have to get to zero by 2030.“ demands the engineer and physicist Rolf Meyer (56), as spokesman for the Last Generation. “Germany, as a rich industrial country that has worked for decades to release huge amounts of emissions into the atmosphere, cannot now simply shirk its responsibility. We are setting a new course and will reach a turning point here in Berlin, similar to the Netherlands, with civil resistance and political pressure. Solutions are there, what is the Scholz government still waiting for?"