Feminist day of struggle in front of the Chancellor's Office - Current climate policy is killing women

Protesters doused themselves with blood-red paint in front of the Chancellery. (c) Last generation
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Berlin, June 08.03.2024, 14, 15:XNUMX a.m – At exactly 14 p.m. today, almost 30 FLINTA* [1] gathered in front of the Chancellor's Office and lay down in rows on the floor. There are signs around them and on their bodies, labeled with facts about gender injustice and the fate of FLINTA*. As the protest progresses, individual women gradually stand up and pour blood-red paint on themselves.
The message of the art campaign: Current climate policy is killing women. Because the consequences of the climate catastrophe are not gender-neutral.

Marion Fabian, spokesperson for the Last Generation, explains the art campaign:
"We have to think of the climate crisis together with the crisis of democracy, the rise of right-wing extremist parties and groups, as well as social justice and gender equality. Across Europe there is a rise in authoritarian and right-wing populist movements that are questioning human rights achievements. Such anti-democratic movements strengthen patriarchal power structures, boycott social cooperation in the fight against climate catastrophe and endanger FLINTA* worldwide."

In further speeches, supporters of the last generation talk about the injustice and suffering that already shapes the lives of many FLINTA* today. It's about escape, the consequences of the climate catastrophe in the global south and femicide.

What becomes clear: the consequences of the climate catastrophe are not gender-neutral. Women and other marginalized groups are particularly hard hit by the climate catastrophe and its consequences. 
According to UN figures, women and children are 14 times more likely to die in a disaster than men. [2] 

At the same time, women are still significantly underrepresented in climate-related decision-making processes, including at every past world climate conference without exception. [3] [4]

In addition to the message to the federal government: “Current climate policy is killing women,” today’s protest also conveys a call: Let’s change that together! Let’s stand up for justice – across movements and genders!

[1] The acronym FLINTA* stands for women, lesbians, intersexual, non-binary, trans and agender people - i.e. for all those who are patriarchally discriminated against because of their gender identity. The Queer Lexicon: What does FLINTA* mean? (tagesspiegel.from)
[2] Climate and Gender – UN Women Germany
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[4] Women are still underrepresented in UN climate policy (unbonn.org)